Cisco Looks to the Future with Videoscape

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Cisco aims to "reinvent the television experience" with Videoscape—a collection of software and hardware solutions that integrate mobile, PC, and home video.

Videoscape adds an enhanced user interface to your home television, letting you navigate video content quickly and easily. You can upload videos, view videos from Facebook, stream video, and video chat. Cisco's hope to revolutionize the home video experience will also depend on partnerships with service providers, though Cisco CEO John Chambers did not elaborate on exactly how this might evolve.

In addition to changing the home video experience, Videoscape will include software clients that will run on "just about any device," including smartphones, gaming consoles, laptops, and tablets. This software will take the enhanced user interface you have on your television to other devices.

Videoscape is a major part of Cisco's longterm strategy, in which, according to Chambers, "video will be the next voice."

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Las Vegas, NV – Jan. 5, 2011 – Cisco today announced the release of Cisco Videoscape®, a comprehensive TV platform for service providers that brings together digital TV and online content with social media and communications applications to create a new, truly immersive home and mobile video entertainment experience. Videoscape is part of Cisco's overall video strategy to provide the next generation of TV that is simpler for consumers, and transforms the market opportunity for service providers. Cisco is currently working with several major global service provider customers, including Telstra, to enable next-generation video experiences through the Videoscape platform.

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