Google Chromecast Set to Get Slingbox Support

Slingbox support on the $35 streaming stick would provide cheap, on-the-go access to your DVR.

Slingbox app may come to Google Chromecast Credit:

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Google's unique Chromecast streaming stick appears to be in line for an exciting new feature: integration with the Slingbox SlingPlayer app that would let you stream live TV from your home to any remote screen.

The $35 Chromecast stick is already extremely useful, offering a lower priced alternative to Apple TV, Roku, and smart televisions. Users simply pop the Chromecast streaming stick into an HDMI port on a TV or monitor, connect to a WiFi network, and enjoy go-anywhere access to apps like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

The ability to cheaply stream live TV and DVR recordings to any remote TV would increase Chromecast's value considerably. Tired of having the weekly Steelers party at your house, just because you have an NFL Sunday Pass? No problem: Just take the Chromecast and your phone over to a friend's. Even if they don't subscribe, you can still watch out-of-market games in real time. Bear in mind that even the top-tier Slingbox 500 we reviewed last summer only lets one user stream content at a time. That means if you're streaming to your Chromecast at a friend's house, nobody else in your family can access the box.

As to when Chromecast integration will actually arrive, the picture is less clear. In a Slingbox Q/A chat forum, an employee says he "cannot give you a timeline yet," but can confirm that "Chromecast support is in development."

Via: Slingbox

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