Hisense Announces 100-inch Laser "Cinema TV" Projector

A huge, laser-powered viewing experience in a compact device.


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Hisense announced a 100-inch VIDAA Max Laser "Cinema TV" during its press conference at 2015 International CES.

According to Hisense, this "exciting home entertainment innovation" is a major step forward in the projector/home entertainment market. It's a compact console that can be easily toted from room to room, and the blue diode laser power means you don't need a dedicated screen—just project onto any wall.

Credit: Chris Thomas

The VIDAA Max 100-inch Laser Cinema Projector casts a massive 1080p picture onto any wall or surface (allegedly).

The 100-inch projected picture boasts a Full HD (1080p) resolution bolstered by DLP technology from Texas Instruments. Despite the Laser Cinema TV's relatively compact size, the device houses around 2 million mirrors for maximum image clarity and light effusion.

The 100-inch projected picture boasts a 1080p resolution bolstered by DLP tech from Texas Instruments.

For connectivity, the console provides HDMI, component, composite, VGA, and USB inputs. There's also built-in WiFi, an integrated 5.1 audio system with 8-inch subwoofers, and a lamp that should offer up to 25,000 hours of viewing before any luminance degradation sets in.

Laser TV_Main Body.jpg
Credit: Hisense

Pricing and availability haven't been confirmed, but the VIDAA Max Laser Cinema TV is apparently significantly cheaper than similarly sized LCD TVs.

The Laser Cinema TV was on display, and looked very impressive for a short-throw projector. Even at such a large size, colors were rich and vibrant, and black levels were suitably shadowy. On the other hand, these were high-rez images—no video content was shown.


The short-throw Laser Cinema TV (the compact device below the screen) can project a huge 1080p image. It looks a little fuzzy up close, but is surprisingly rich and colorful.

Currently, no information has been released concerning the pricing or availability of the VIDAA Max 100-inch Laser Cinema TV, though Hisense claimed it would be "significantly lower than comparable LCD TVs." Stay tuned for hands-on coverage once the show officially opens.

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