LG & AllJoyn Break Down OS Walls

You can control LG Smart TVs with any AllJoyn-compatible device


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Today, LG Electronics announced a plan to incorporate open-source software called AllJoyn into LG smart televisions.

This will be the first time that AllJoyn, which developer Qualcomm calls "A Common Language for the Internet of Everything," is made available to a smart TV.

The partnership will break down existing barriers between DLNA- or Bluetooth-capable devices, allowing smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even disc players to communicate simultaneously with LG's Smart Platform.

AllJoyn's immediate LG Smart TV application is the ability to allow multiple users to "all join" an LG Smart TV game, controlling gameplay via an Apple iPad, a Samsung smartphone, or any capable mobile device within a "cross-OS environment."

AllJoyn could also play a role in opening up software capabilities for app developers, as it allows a much wider range of options pending the design and development of different apps and app interfaces. Rather than being confined to a single system of supported code, AllJoyn works to integrate multiple coding sources into a language that LG Smart TVs understand.

LG is expected to debut TVs with AllJoyn at CES 2014, and says that all of its 2014 Smart TV models will include preloaded AllJoyn software.

Source: LG Electronics

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