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LG Charges Into 2015 With Bigger, Better OLED TVs

Five new series mean more OLED flexibility than ever.


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During its CES 2015 Press Conference, LG confirmed the availability of five new OLED TV series: the 77-inch EG9900, the 77-inch EG9700, the 65-inch EF9800, and the EG9600/EF9500 OLED series, both in 55 and 65 inches.

LG's Tim Alessi quoted the ISF's Joel Silver that "perfect black" is a keystone of good picture quality, and said that "the structure of a traditional LED TV makes it impossible to achieve" perfect black.


LG today introduced five new LG OLED series for 2015, including the curvable EG9900.

He confirmed that LG's new OLED TVs are the answer to the desire for perfect black levels.

Alessi also confirmed that LG has made a $600 million investment into OLED production—a direct answer to the manufacturing difficulties of the past.

LG OLED black levels

OLED TVs deliver the "perfect blacks" that are a keystone of the best TV picture quality.

To Curve, or Not to Curve? It's up to you.

The 77EG9900 will be LG's biggest, boldest 4K OLED TV yet. LG claims this mammoth display will combine excellent contrast and color performance associated with the OLED panel technology, with 4K (UHD) resolution.


LG's new OLED lineup runs the gamut from a curvable 77-inch monster to an "entry-level" 55-inch flat model.

If you're simply not interested in a curved TV, the EF9800 can be completely flattened.

But that's not even the most impressive feature. In a feat of panel engineering, LG has made it possible for the user to determine the degree of the EG9900's curvature—or even eliminate it entirely.

So if you're simply not interested in a curved TV, the EG9900 can be completely flattened, optimizing its horizontal viewing angle for the most viewers. If you're flying solo, however, you can increase the curvature of the screen in order to imitate that big, curved IMAX experience at home.

Naturally, the 77EG9900 will also be equipped with LG's new-and-improved webOS 2.0 smart platform.

LG EG9900
Credit: LG

The 77-inch EG9900 4K OLED is LG's highest-flying OLED yet—you can customize the curvature of the screen, for one thing.

This 4K OLED adheres to current standards for streaming and playback of native 4K content, supporting signals up to 4K at 60Hz and H.265 decoding, and is still controlled by LG's signature Magic Remote.

We're still awaiting information on the pricing and availability of the 77EG9900, but stay tuned—we plan to go hands-on with this groundbreaking display as soon as possible.

Another OLED that's made for an Art Gallery

The 65-inch EF9800 will be the company's first non-curved OLED option, and it's heavily focused on maximizing aesthetic appeal.

The super-slim panel is held up by a minimalist stand, keeping focus on the flat screen. To maintain maximum slimness, LG has removed the speakers entirely, remodeling them into a wireless soundbar.

LG has removed the EF9800's speakers and remodeled them into a wireless soundbar.

The main attraction of the EF9800, however, is still its picture quality. According to LG, the TV's OLED panel is capable of beautiful images, bolstered by the rich colors made possible by LG's 4-pixel WRGB OLED pixel design.

LG EF9800
Credit: LG

The super-slim EF9800 features a minimalist stand design, and is LG's first flat OLED option.

It will also continue to maintain the extremely impressive contrast performance of past models, and like the EG9900, boasts a 4K (UHD) resolution.

The EF9800 is equipped with the latest 4K content standards—H.265, HDMI 2.0, and HDCP 2.2—and LG's webOS 2.0 smart platform. We're still awaiting price and availability information, but plan to go hands-on with the EF9800 during CES this week.

Believe it or not, LG has an entry-level 4K OLED, too.

The curved EG9600 and flat EF9500 TVs—both available in 55 or 65-inch screen sizes—forego some of the "eccentricities" of the other two series. They'll still boast 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution and incredible image purity, but fewer overall bells-and-whistles should mean smaller price tags, too.

Like the rest of the OLED lineup, the curved EG9600 and flat EF9500 use LG's new-and-improved webOS 2.0 platform, and adhere to current standards for streaming and playing 4K content off of a disc.

LG EG9600
Credit: LG

The curved EG9600 is one of LG's first "introductory" OLED options.

Both series will also include quad-core processing abilities and speakers engineered by harmon/kardon.

In short, the EG9600 and EF9500 are twins—but the former is curved, and the latter is flat. If you've been eager for an OLED but weren't jiving with the curve, the EF9500 is your best option right now.

We hope to get a closer look at these TVs this week during 2015 International CES in Las Vegas.