LG Showcases 55-inch, Wallpaper-Thin OLED Panel

At less than 1mm thick, the display hangs on the wall via magnets

An LG representative poses with LG's newest prototype—a "wallpaper" 55-inch OLED display. Credit: LG Display

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LG Display took to the stage Tuesday to show off one of the most impressive applications of OLED technology yet: a 55-inch, 0.097mm-thick TV panel that can mount magnetically on a wall—and peel right off again, just like wallpaper.

The paper-thin prototype is the perfect encapsulation of what makes OLED (organic light-emitting diode) such an exciting technology. Since each pixel produces its own light, OLED TVs can function without the bulky backlight elements that traditional LCD and LED TVs require to produce a picture.

As a result, manufacturers are able to print—yes, print—paper-thin, bendable screens that nevertheless produce some of the best-looking images around.

The perfect encapsulation of what makes OLED such an exciting technology.

This isn't LG's first rodeo, either. The company introduced some of the first OLED TVs two years ago, and has since continued to support the technology despite the manufacturing difficulties that discouraged competitors like Sony and Samsung. In fact, this latest innovation comes just a few months after LG's first 4K OLEDs debuted during CES in Las Vegas.

Credit: LG Display

The prototype mounts to the wall magnetically and peels off like wallpaper.

Don't expect to see the wallpaper display in stores any time soon, though. This proof-of-concept demonstration doesn't even operate as a fully functional TV yet, and requires critical components like the motherboard and circuitry to be housed separately nearby—an expense most consumers would probably balk at. Yet considering the incredible picture quality that OLED TVs are capable of, there's nothing polarizing about a future full of movable, magnetic screens.

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