Live From Sony's CES 2014 Press Conference

We're live at the Las Vegas Convention Center, awaiting announcements from Sony.


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Sony's press conference is about to begin. Keep refreshing this page for breaking news.

Sony just announced its 4K Handycam, which will retail for $2000. It will be able to shoot in both 4K and down-convert to standard HD.

On stage, a photographer is showing off shots he took with a Sony A7 camera.

The Alpha 5000 mirrorless camera was just announced. It is being touted as the world's lightest APSC interchangeable lens camera.

4K TVs were just hinted it. Existing Sony 4K TVs were just shown.

Flagship X950B series is Sony's "reference" TV. It will have deeper blacks and brighter whites (like all companies usually say). The X900B series is the flagship's little brother. It has large speakers for an enhanced audio experience.

In total, there are nine different models in three different series of Sony 4K TVs.

Sony is talking about the next generation of its 4K media player. You will be able to store footage from a 4K Handycam on this device and play it back on your TV.

Audio is up next. Hifi sound is being talked up. Hi-res capable speakers and headphones, receivers, and Bluetooth accessories are announced, but details are scarce. We'll probably see more on the show floor tomorrow.

Sony's latest Action Cam being shown. It has an all-new lens and image sensor for capturing slow-motion video.

Sony is now talking about it's head-mounted 3D viewer. It claims the effect of using this headset is like a 750" screen. Its new head-tracker technology will allow you to look around a movie or video game as if you're there.

Sony's Executive VP of Mobile Communications, Kunimasa Suzuki, just took the stage. He wants to show us something special.

A video with calories being tracked is shown. Suzuki called it "Smart Wear Experience." The app shown in the video—Lifelog—looks to tie Sony's smart technology together.

Suzuki took out a tiny gadget. It's called the Core, and it's a small waterproof device that captures many aspects of your life. It looks like it's the size of a USB thumb drive. It can be put in a wristband to record activities.

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Suzuki is now talking about smartphones. He mentioned how it was only two years ago that Sony launched its first smartphone under its own brand (no Ericcson). He is talking about the Xperia phones camera, saying how good it is.

He just took out a small yellow camera. It is called the Xperia Z1 Compact. It has a 20 megapixel camera and a stylish metal build. It will be available in black, white, yellow, and other "fun" colors. He just took out a pink one!

Suzuki wants to talk about the US market. He just gave a shout out to his friends from T-Mobile. He took out another phone, the Xperia Z1S. According to Suzuki, it has the "world's best camera in a smartphone." It comes with 32GB of memory. There appears to be an enhanced camera focusing app. The Z1S will have a Playstation app that can be used as a second screen for certain Playstation 4 games. Not many details about how, though.

Suzuki just announced a new Sony promotion: Buy an Xperia Z1S and a PS4 and Sony will throw in a $100 gift card that can be used on whatever you want.

The Z1S can be purchased nationwide starting January 27.

The conference is coming to an end. More is being promised at Sony's keynote speech at the Venetian tomorrow. It sounds like they haven't announced everything yet.

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