Sony Embraces Android TV With New 4K Lineup

Four new 4K series options, including some affordable ones

Credit: David Kender

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Sony just debuted four new Ultra High Definition (4K resolution) TVs during its Press Conference here at CES in Las Vegas.

Sony's thinnest LED TV ever

First up, the new XBR-X900C series will be Sony's thinnest-ever LED TV, with the 55- and 65-inch models checking in at just 0.2 inches thick. The X900C series features a new upscaling engine, the 4K Processor X1, and supports the Google Android TV operating system.

According to Sony President and COO Mike Fasulo, the 4K Processor X1 improves upon "all resolutions," not just 1080p. "No more blurry edges and noise" during sub-1080p content, according to Fasulo.

Credit: Sony

Sony's 65-inch X900C is Sony's thinnest LED TV ever, only 0.2 inches thick from edge-to-edge.

It's also equipped with Sony's Triluminos (quantum dot) color enhancement, and is HEVC/H.265/VP9 ready for 4K streaming/playback. The 55- and 65-inch X900C (and 75-inch X910C variant) will be available this spring.

More full-array local dimming, hurrah!

If you're a picture quality nut, the XBR-X930C (65-inch) and X940C (75-inch) options should be on your radar: Like last year's X950B, these new 4K options feature Sony's X-tended Dynamic Range full-array local dimming. Best of all, the local dimming now works better alongside the 4K upscaling function.

The X930C and X940C 4K options feature Sony's X-tended Dynamic Range full-array local dimming.

The X930C/X940C TVs will also support the Google Android TV system and Triluminos color enhancement.


The X900C is Sony's flagship 4K TV for 2015.

Entry-level options promise more affordable 4K

Sony's bringing in smaller, allegedly more affordable 4K TVs in 43- and 49-inch sizes.

If you're looking for an entry-level option, the XBR-X850C series (55-, 65-, and 75-inch sizes) offers the widest array of larger screen sizes this year, but skip the extra features found in higher-end options.


The X900C is only 0.2 inches thick—not much thicker than an OLED panel.

The X850C televisions will still be equipped with Sony's 4K Processor X1, and support the Google Android TV system.

Finally, Sony's bringing in some smaller, allegedly more affordable 4K TVs with the XBR-X830C series, which includes a 43-inch and a 49-inch option.


The X900C's "floating stand" design puts heavy emphasis on the bright, vivid picture.

Though they lack the Triluminos color and local dimming of the high-end options, the X830C TVs still support all necessary 4K standards and give the user access to the Google Android TV platform.

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