Sony TVs Will Become a Subsidiary By July

Within a years-long bout of restructuring, Sony announces plans to subsidize its TV department.


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Sony has just announced bold plans to reform its PC and TV businesses, which include selling off PC assets and restructuring its TV brand into a subsidiary business by July 2014.

Making the TV business into its own "wholly-owned subsidiary" might be just the shot in the arm Sony's TV division needs to become profitable again. According to the source, Sony TV has been suffering losses since Fiscal Year 2011, when the company totaled a 1.5 billion dollar profit decline.

And Sony isn't alone, either. Panasonic reported losses of 913 million in 2013—and it's really no surprise, considering that Japan's entire electronics industry saw similar declines that year.

A large part of Sony's TV efforts include an increased focus on the sale of high-end televisions, specifically 4K models—a category that the company led in Japan and the US last year in terms of sheer revenue. Sony will also push for increased R&D into high-end HDTVs (1080p) during the restructuring process. Consumers may therefore find that new options for mid- and low-end Sony televisions may not be very plentiful in the months to come.

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One of Sony's recent 4K TVs.

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