Toshiba Announces European Launch of 4K TVs—and Some Tablets

Europeans will revel in a 4K launch, but everyone can enjoy some new tablets.


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It was an exciting day for TV enthusiasts at the IFA Berlin Toshiba press event; or at least it was for European TV enthusiasts. Toshiba announced the European release dates and prices for the L9/M9 series of 4K televisions. The L9/M9 was first revealed at CES 2012 and became commercially available in August of this year.

While the European release of Toshiba's first foray into 4K is less relevant to US readers, one thing of note to readers on our side of the pond was the presence of a 50-inch "concept" television. While there are no official plans for a commercial 50-inch, the possibility of a smaller—and more affordable—model being made available in the future is pretty exciting.

The Toshiba L9/M9 will be available in Europe in three sizes: 58, 65, and 85 inches. The 58-inch is currently available in stores with the 65-inch and 84-inch releasing "some time in September."


The Toshiba L9/M9 65"

Also on display at the press event were two new tablets: the Encore and the Satellite Click. The Encore, a Windows based 8-inch tablet (estimated MSRP $330) will be available in the US around November. Toshiba has apparently been working closely with Windows on this tablet. The partnership seems to have paid off, as the Encore will launch with Windows 8.1 and has been Skype certified. The Satellite Click, on the other hand, will be available in two versions. The Intel-based W30T, and the AMD-based W30DT. Unless the name didn't tip you off, the Satellite Click is a laptop with a detachable screen that doubles as a 13-inch tablet. While there is no official pricing for the Satellite Click as of yet, it is estimated to cost around $600 when released later this year.

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