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Netflix May Not Be the First to Stream 4K Video

Vonetize hopes to jump the queue and bring UHD content to the masses.

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Vonetize has just announced plans to provide a dedicated 4K video streaming app by April of this year. According to the company, the app will appear on 2014 model year Samsung smart 4K TVs.

Currently, consumers don't have easy access to 4K content, whether it's streaming or local. Sony has an expensive and rather limited 4K media player, but users otherwise rely on upscaling—a process that UHD TVs use to manipulate a 1080p HD signal and "upscale" it to 4K quality.

Netflix has promised that ultra high definition streaming will arrive on its service early this year, but it looks like Vonetize might beat it to the punch.

It's not entirely clear what sort of programs the new app will provide, but Vonetize currently licenses content from major Hollywood studios like Warner Bros, Disney, and Miramax. So far, Samsung's 2014 crop of 4K smart TVs are the only sets specifically called out in the plan for the new app.

Users will need a minimum download speed of 16 Mbps to enjoy Vonetize's new service, due to the massive bandwidth required by 4K content. 4K UHD uses a resolution that's four times the size of regular HD, totaling 3840 × 2160 pixels.

Via: Vonetize

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