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Levo G2 tablet stand review

This tablet stand makes working from home with chronic pain more comfortable

Tablet stand propped up in from of blue armchair in living room. Credit: Levo

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Having a good, comfortable setup is essential when you work from home. I know this because I have been working full-time from home for the last four years or so. While I have a really amazing ergonomic workstation, I find that moving around the house to various locations and chairs is the best thing for my chronic back pain.

My need for variety in my seating arrangements can pose a problem, because obviously to do my work I need to have my computer in front of me, and while the living room recliner is comfortable, it does not have a desk for my laptop. The solution to this problem is a good, rolling tablet stand. And I believe I’ve found the best one.

About the Levo G2

Many tablet stands have flexible goosenecks that promise the ability to position your tablet in any way you want. These may work fine for lighter devices, but I needed something more stable. The Levo G2 doesn't have any flexible parts. Its 90-degree arm swivels easily on a hinge and has another hinge in the middle that allows for easier tablet positioning. Midway down the stand there are two large tabs that unlock the pole to extend to any height you want. Despite the lack of a gooseneck, it's all very easy to adjust. Even better, it stays where you put it. Exactly what I needed.

What I like

Tablet stand hanging over arm chair and foot rest
Credit: Levo

Levo's tablet stand adds more mobility to my work day, allowing me to operate from essentially anywhere in my home.

It's incredibly strong

For much of the day, I work from a Surface Pro 7. For those unfamiliar, it's a hybrid somewhere between a laptop and a tablet, with a kickstand and a detachable keyboard. It weighs about 1.7 lbs without the keyboard, and though it is not much bigger than a large tablet, I’ve found it to be far too heavy for most tablet stands. I'll put the Surface Pro in and the stand wilts over like a dead flower immediately. But ever since I've had the Levo G2, my Surface Pro stays exactly where I want it, at exactly the angle I prefer.

Because it's not a gooseneck or flexible in any way, my tablet can be supported without any problem. The stand itself is also heavy, weighing in at 28 lbs, which means that even fully extended out to the side, the weight of my Surface Pro will not cause the stand to tip. That amount of weight also means that carrying it from one place to another is difficult, but the attached wheels make it very easy to move from one room to the other on the same floor. I would not want to be carrying this up and down between floors on a regular basis though.

It's easy to adjust

A little tab on the back of the Levo G2 allows the rubber clamps to open up or lock into place around my tablet. The arm of the stand pivots smoothly out and around the center pole, and the tablet holder can turn 360° and flip over to the other side of the pole it’s mounted on, so you can get the perfect angle no matter whether it's sitting on your left or your right.

The clamps on the pole unlock easily for height adjustment, and the height range is so extensive that I’ve been able to use it both while sitting on the floor and while standing up (I'm only 5'4", however).

It helps me work comfortably

No human body feels good staying in one posture all day long. We need to move. With this stand, I can kick back in the recliner, sit cross-legged on the floor, lie in bed, or stand in front of the picture window, all while keeping the latest Zoom meeting or article draft in front of me. After years of chronic back pain, I've learned changing positions as I work is a necessity. The Levo G2 makes it possible.

What I don’t like

Tablet stand next to desk and chair.
Credit: Levo

Since this tablet stand weighs in around 28 pounds, transferring it from room to room won't come with ease.

It’s not good for multi-floor homes

As mentioned above, this thing is fairly hefty and you would not want to be transferring it up and down stairs very often. I’d recommend just getting one for each floor, but at about $200, the cost is prohibitive. It’s prohibitive even for one, but if it saves me from constant back pain, take my money.

Should you buy the Levo G2?

Tablet stand hovering over daybed in living room.
Credit: Levo

If you're looking for a sturdy tablet stand that strays away from a traditional desk design, one from Levo is a great option.

Yes. If you need a super sturdy tablet stand, you should buy it. There’s a fairly specific group of people who would find this stand worth the money, but if you use a tablet a lot and you’re having trouble finding a stand that's sturdy enough, run. Go buy it immediately.

If, however, your tablet use is infrequent or you take it up and down stairs often, there are many more affordable options that would serve you at least as well. This tablet stand from CTA is $50 and a good pick for smaller tablets.

Get the Levo G2 tablet stand for $199.99

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