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Credit: Lola's Lashes

The Lola’s Lashes Rose Quartz Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit wins our Best Overall spot for its easy application and removal process.

Best Overall
Lola's Lashes Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit

The second I laid eyes on the Lola’s Lashes Rose Quartz Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit, I understood why it had hundreds of 5-star reviews. The packaging—a sturdy and pretty pink, white, and gold box—looks much more elevated than other sets. And it was the most complete of any we tested, containing everything you need for application and removal—one set of lashes, a tube of magnetic liner, and a cleansing oil—each packaged in its own box and nestled neatly inside the larger box. I loved the addition of the cleanser, as this is something none of the other sets included and removing magnetic eyelashes can be difficult, as I soon found out.

The overall experience of using the lashes is similarly luxurious. The included magnetic liner has a very fine brush tip that makes it a breeze to apply a clean, even stroke on the eyelid, and the formula glides on smoothly. It doesn’t take long to dry—just about a minute. At that point, the lashes snap right on. The pair fit my eyes very well and sat comfortably for a good six hours before I removed them. They looked relatively natural, too. They’re wispier than most with a medium density and—perhaps most importantly—aren’t too long, dark, or shiny, all complaints I had with other sets. The resulting aesthetic is two or three steps above my natural look, but not overwhelming.

I was also pleased with how easy the lashes and magnetic liner were to remove with the included cleansing oil. With other brands, I had to rub my eyes raw to get every last bit of the heavy liquid liner off, but something about this formula, combined with the included cleanser, made removal a cinch.

If there’s any downside to this product, it’s that the liner smudged while I was applying it, which is not an issue I had with others on this list. It’s a welcome tradeoff, though, if that fluidity contributes to an easier removal process.


  • Natural looking

  • Easy to apply

  • Long-lasting

  • Easy to remove


  • Liner smudges easily

How We Tested

Credit: Reviewed / Brigitt Earley

The author wearing the Best Overall Lola’s Lashes Rose Quartz Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit.

The Tester

I'm Brigitt Earley, a lifestyle writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience testing beauty products, including every mascara evaluated on Reviewed. Before COVID-19 restrictions on spas, I swore by lash extensions to make my eyes pop. Now, I depend on eye makeup alone for an everyday perk-up, so I wondered: Could magnetic lashes replace my former extensions, saving me the frequent salon trips?

The Tests

I scoured best-seller lists across retailers, beauty blogs, social media, and other best-of lists to find the top magnetic eyelashes on the market. Then, I fluttered my lashes, pitting the top-rated brands against one another to find a winner.

Testing was relatively straightforward: I applied one pair of lashes each morning for 10 days, wore each one for about six hours (we settled on this number because it’s long enough to see you through most special events). Afterward, I peeled off the lashes and removed the magnetic liner using coconut oil (or the included cleanser, which only our top pick offered).

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To hone in on the best magnetic lashes of the bunch, I teamed up with Reviewed’s senior scientist, Julia MacDougall, to score and weigh results on a scientifically calibrated rubric. I answered questions regarding:

Application: Does the wand on the magnetic liner hold enough mascara to easily apply it in one stroke? Does the liner go on smoothly? How much liner do you need to apply in order for lashes to take?

Wear: Does the magnetic liner flake, transfer, or smudge throughout the day? Do the lashes stay in place for all six hours? Compared to a fresh application, how do the magnetic lashes look at the end of the day?

What You Should Know About Magnetic Lashes

Credit: Lola's Lashes

Magnetic lashes adhere to the eyes after you apply an iron-containing liquid eyeliner.

Before testing or recommending a pair of lashes, I wanted to get an ophthalmologist’s take on magnetic lashes. Could the iron oxide in the liquid liner cause irritation—or, worse, damage to your eyes? “Iron oxides are mineral deposits and can cause staining of the skin,” says Dr. Daniel Laroche, an ophthalmologist in New York City. “However, it is in a variety of makeup and skincare products, like eye shadows and normal eyeliners, and is regulated by the FDA. Trace amounts of iron oxides are permitted by the FDA to be used as a color additive and allowed in the eye area.”

That said, the eyeliner can, in some cases, cause an allergic reaction in patients with a history of allergy and excessive wear can block eyelid meibomian glands, causing a stye, he explains. Anecdotally, some of his patients have also complained that magnetic lashes are uncomfortable and unnatural looking.

The vast majority of professional makeup artists I’ve spoken to are wary of magnetic lashes, too. As I tested 9 of the top-rated products available, I began to understand why. Though I have plenty of experience with beauty products, I also found magnetic lashes frustrating. The majority of the magnetic lashes I tested were easy enough to put on, but they were, by and large, extremely artificial-looking. Worse, in most cases, the magnetic liners were difficult to remove—so difficult that I spent days rubbing my eyes raw in an effort to eradicate every last speck of black.

At the end of the day, I prefer an excellent mascara for everyday wear or a standard set of glue-on falsies for special events. But if you really want to give magnetic lashes a try, here’s what you should know:

Cost: Prices vary widely among magnetic lashes. Unfortunately, this is one case where it’s worth spending a little extra. The more inexpensive lashes tend to look more artificial and don’t fit as comfortably as the pricier options. For further justification of the price, it’s worth noting that magnetic lashes can be used a number of times, cutting down on the cost per use.

Type of magnet: There are two types of magnetic lashes. Some adhere to the lid via magnetic eyeliner that you paint on and allow to dry, with a single row of lashes sitting just above your upper lash line. Others come two per eye and sandwich together over your natural lashes, with the two rows of faux lashes magnetizing to each other. The latter is not ophthalmologist-recommended, as it can put too much weight on your natural lashes, damaging them over time. Because of this, we opted to test only the first variety.

Magnetic Liner: The type of magnetic liner we tested applies much like a standard liquid eyeliner, using a thin brush. In most cases, you need to apply two to three coats with a relatively heavy hand in order for the magnetic lashes to adhere properly. The result is a rather dramatic and dark look. It’s also worth noting that, unless you regularly use liquid liner, there’s a bit of a learning curve to apply it in a steady, straight line—especially on your non-dominant side.

Size: Though I don’t consider my eyes especially small, the vast majority of lashes were too long for my eyelids. You can cut the strips down by snipping the band alongside the nearest magnet, but I found this occasionally affected the curvature of the lashes—instead of sitting flush against my natural lashes from corner to corner, the outer edge ended abruptly. As a result, the lashes had blunt edges on the outside corner that poked my skin.

Application: Many of the kits come with a tweezer-like tool to help you put the lashes onto your lid. The typical design has blunt, curved magnetic edges that match the shape of the lashes themselves and magnetize to the lashes, with the idea you can use the tool to easily transfer the fringe to your eyes. I found these tools to be a bit clunky—using my fingers allowed for more control and precision.

Style: The vast majority of magnetic lashes are very long and full. The resulting look is very dramatic, especially when paired with all of the eyeliner you need to make the lashes stay put. This struck me as very artificial-looking and, in most cases, didn’t suit my personal style. But for those who like to go bold, they will not be disappointed.

Removal: The biggest challenge comes with removal of the eyeliner. While it’s easy to pop the magnetic lashes on and off the liner with a gentle tug, removing the liner itself is, in most cases, a major challenge. Though the instructions say to use an oil-based makeup remover (what you’d use for waterproof makeup), most of the liner didn’t budge. I even struggled to adequately remove the liner with pure coconut oil—something that does the trick with even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. In some cases, removing the lashes was altogether painful (and potentially damaging to my skin and eyelashes) because I had to rub so hard.

Other Magnetic Lashes We Tested

LashLiner Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Kit

I have very few complaints about either the aesthetics or functionality of the Lash Liner Magnetic Lashes. The style is quite nice—they’re lengthy, but not as voluminous and inky-black as some other options, making them look a bit more natural. The shape and size of the lashes were also suitable for my eyes, and I didn’t have to cut them down.

The kit comes with small, individual lashes in addition to the entire lid option. These smaller accents seem like they could be useful, but the directions don’t provide any information about where or how to use them, which renders them a bit of a mystery. Because I didn’t feel like these lashes were lacking in fullness, it’s possible these could be useful to you if you have wider eyes and/or you wanted to supplement the inner or outer corners of the lash band.

There wasn’t anything particularly easy about this application, but it wasn’t difficult, either. The liner went on smooth enough and, in order to make the lashes adhere the way they are supposed to, I needed a moderate amount of liner. It was somewhat sticky and shiny, but there were worse options amongst the products tested.

I breathed a sigh of relief when it came time to remove the lashes: The liner came off with much more ease than other brands, though it still took much more effort than the Lola’s Lashes. In this case, I had to use coconut oil for the liner to budge, but it didn’t require me to scrub at my eyes.

Though pleasant to use, this product lost major points for its pricing and packaging. It’s one of the more expensive products, but it doesn’t come with the liner—you have to buy that separately. If you’re willing to spend the extra cash, I’d point you in the direction of our Best Overall, which includes the liquid liner and a cleansing oil, over this.


  • Natural-looking

  • Easy to remove


  • Expensive

  • Eyeliner not included

Essy Naturals Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit

I had high hopes for the Essy Naturals set, as it comes with two varieties of lashes in a tidy carrying case. Unfortunately, both styles are incredibly artificial-looking, as they are very long, dark, and shiny.

The eyeliner flowed onto my lids in a smooth line, but the formula felt as sticky as glue once it began to dry. In fact, the hood of my eye got stuck to my eyelid during the drying time! When I peeled the skin apart, it pulled off the liner, and I had to reapply before I could continue and apply the lashes. The liner is also very shiny and feels tacky to the touch, even when dry, so the look is even more dramatic than most.

That said, the lashes themselves snap onto the liner in a cinch. I had to trim the lashes slightly to fit my eyes, but this was the kiss of death because, post-trim, the lash band looked a bit too square on the outer corner. Unfortunately, there was no real winning here because the untrimmed lashes were poking my eyelid so much that I wouldn’t have been able to wear them.

My biggest gripe with this set of lashes was that the magnetic liner was nearly impossible to remove. I rubbed my eyes for five minutes with coconut oil and almost all of the formula was still there. I eventually had to give up and accept the flakes of black liner remaining on my lid because scrubbing hurt too much and was, frankly, probably damaging my skin and natural lashes.


  • Lashes adhere well

  • Quality carrying case

  • Two styles included


  • Tacky liner

  • Ill-fitting

  • Very difficult to remove

Easbeauty Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit

If you don’t have much experience with liquid liner, you’ll love Eas Beauty’s magnetic liner, as the wand is very small and easy to hold. I wouldn’t call the other eyeliners hard to manage, but this particular one’s size and cylinder shape allowed for more precision in application, making it more likely you’ll get that straight and steady line that looks best. This formula felt tacky on my eyelids (though not as much as others on this list), but I was relieved that it dried down quickly and left no question about whether the liner was ready for me to place the lashes on it. The magnets adhered very well and stayed put during wear, but the lash band didn’t sit flush with the curvature of my eye, so this pair felt irritating and distracting every time I blinked.

The biggest problem with this pair is that the directions are vague and, as a result, it’s unclear (especially to a beginner) where you should place the lashes along your eyelid, where you can trim the band if the set is too long for your eyes, or how to remove them. This may cause a novice to stumble, which would affect overall experience.

A major bonus is that the kit comes with five styles of lashes in varying degrees of intensity. That said, only two of them even remotely fit my personal preferences—the rest were much too artificial-looking.


  • Wand is easy to wield

  • Includes five styles


  • Ill-fitting

  • Unclear directions

  • Too artificial-looking

Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit

The Arishine lashes were easy to apply and fit my lids better than most of the other brands I tried. I didn’t have to cut them down, which makes things easier and ensures they’ll sit at the proper curvature.

The kit is comprehensive with two tubes of liner, an applicator, and five pairs of lashes of varying intensity. I chose the most understated because the style of the others were too much for me. Though not quite as voluminous as others, they’re very long.

You have to apply a lot of liner to get the eyelash and to magnetize to it—a look I’m not a fan of. The excessive amount of liner may also account for why the company includes two tubes. The liner’s formula is very tacky—so tacky that I wasn’t sure whether or not it was dry, even after a few minutes of waiting.

The lashes themselves pop on well, but they felt a little uncomfortable. The sensation was like something was poking my eyelid (which it was), but if you really want to make these work, the discomfort is manageable for small bursts of time, like for an event or a date.

As with other pairs I tried, the worst part was removal. The magnetic liner wouldn’t budge, despite using coconut oil. I had to wipe until my eyes felt raw and looked red. Even still, there was tons of liner remaining on my lids, which tainted even my positive thoughts about the pair.


  • Easy to apply

  • Fits well

  • Includes five styles


  • Uncomfortable to wear

  • Difficult to remove

HSBCC Magnetic Eyeliner & Eyelashes Kit

With two tubes of magnetic liner, an applicator tool, and 10 included styles, the HSBCC set of magnetic lashes has a lot of potential. Like other sets with multiple pairs, I chose the most understated of the bunch for a more natural look. Still, they looked fairly artificial on my face because of how much of the dark, shiny liner you have to use to get the lashes to stay in place.

The functionality is there, though. The lashes are comfortable enough to wear for lengthy periods and largely stay in place. As with other pairs, it’s easy to pop the lashes themselves off. The trouble comes with removing the liquid liner: Even with quite a bit of coconut oil, it’s very difficult to get all of the product off without discomfort.


  • Includes a variety of styles

  • Long-lasting


  • Artificial-looking

  • Difficult to remove

Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash Kit

Though they fall lower on the list, the Kiss lashes would be a good option for beginners. They’re not only affordable, but they also come with very comprehensive and helpful directions that include hints like how to trim the lashes for fit. This is important information to have, particularly because these lashes were too long for my eyes and poked my inner corners. Once I clipped them, they sat nicely on my eyes and stayed there all day.

The liner is also more fluid than some of the others, making it easier to apply. It’s not quite as shiny and tacky, and it dries in less than a minute, which was quick compared to the other kits. This is a nice time-saver, as you don’t need to pause between coats.

The downside is that the lashes are rather fake-looking—they’re way too long and voluminous, even for a special event. In fact, they’re so long that they hung over my eye and came into my line of vision. The brand has other styles available (sold separately), so it’s possible another version would be less obtrusive and more natural-looking.


  • Helpful instructions

  • Quality eyeliner


  • Artificial-looking

  • Requires trimming

Eylure ProMagnetic Magnetic Eyeliner & Lash System

These magnetic lashes from Eylure require three coats of eyeliner to magnetize to the lash band. This makes application a time-consuming process, as you have to wait for everything to dry in between coats. It also means that you end up depositing a lot of liner onto your eye, and because this liner dries with a sheen, the resulting look is overly dramatic for my taste.

The drama is only amplified by the look of the lashes themselves—they are very long, dark, and shiny, which makes them fake-looking. This pair was also too big for my eyes, hanging just past the outer corner. Though the directions didn’t offer the suggestion, I trimmed them to fit, as I did with other pairs, but they didn’t lay the way they were supposed to after this—they looked cockeyed and poked my lid.

Adding to my struggles, the liner was very hard to remove, even with coconut oil and a lot of swiping back and forth.


  • None that we could find


  • Requires a lot of liner

  • Ill-fitting

  • Difficult to remove

Luxillia 5D Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit

The Luxilia lashes were a real miss for me. They were so uncomfortable that I couldn’t wear them for longer than a few minutes. Though the liner went on smoothly and the lashes appeared to click on easily, they poked and moved around during wear, which further added to the discomfort.

I popped them off after just a few minutes, but the difficulties didn’t end there. The magnetic liner refused to come off, even with a quality, oil-based makeup remover and coconut oil at my disposal. At the end of this brief test, my eyes were red and irritated for at least an hour.


  • None that we could find


  • Tacky eyeliner

  • Uncomfortable to wear

  • Difficult to remove

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