With New Update, GoPro Will Unlock 240fps HD Slo-Mo

Coming soon to a Hero4 Black Edition near you...

The GoPro Hero4 Black Edition Credit: / Chris Thomas

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With a 4K future on the horizon, it isn't uncommon to find that more and more cameras and camcorders are offering a full-fledged ultra HD recording experience. That's why we weren't surprised to find out that GoPro's latest Black Edition Hero came ready to shoot 4K/30p.

It requires a lot of computing power to record 4K video, but that power can be put to greater use if you're willing to step down in resolution. Perhaps the coolest use for all that beautiful bandwidth is super slow slow-motion, recording HD-quality frames hundreds of times per second.

In an upcoming firmware update, GoPro will make a 720p HD frame rate available at a whopping 240 frames per second. While this framerate isn't new for GoPro, it was limited to standard definitions in the past. This preview of the feature, provided by Gizmodo, was shot in 240fps, and conformed to 24fps for YouTube upload.

In addition to this new slo-mo mode, GoPro will also augment the Hero 4 Black to feature a 2.7K shooting mode at 60 FPS, which can provide for cropping or improved upscaling.

Users will also get an in-camera time lapse video mode, obviating the need to use a computer and software to arrange your timelapse photos into a video file. Also on the docket is an automatic video orientation mode, which will flip the video appropriately depending on if the camera is upside-down or rightside-up.

Expect the firmware to hit the internet some time this February.

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