Digital Experience at CES 2013

Tailgating and tech collide in this CES sneak peek.

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Only at Digital Experience will you find football, famous DJs, and beer by the gallon. (Okay, maybe that's not true in general, but it certainly is at CES.) Sponsored by Pepcom, this event was packed with tech—from home security cams to Lego Mindstorm sets. The staff was there to find the coolest gadgets and catch up on the big game (what a snooze that was). Similar to CES Unveiled, this event was a chance for the press to get valuable interviews with some of the smaller tech companies.

Duo Games turned our iPads into digital pinball machines, while real pinball machines sounded off cheerily from the other side of the room. There were stores of data storage devices for your most precious files, as well as streaming boxes built to give you TV on your own time—plus tabletop tablets, ultra-sharp computer monitors, and don't forget those gaming rigs!

Digital Experience was just as much about the big game as big business. Party snacks and ice cream bars lined the walls, and of course there was plenty of beer. Cooling out by Jabra's booth was Rev. Run, spinning the wheels of steel and promoting stylish Danish headphones.

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