Press Day at CES 2013 (Video)

Big flubs and even bigger TVs dominated Press Day at CES 2013.


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The staff filed into conference after conference on Monday, cameras ready and notepads primed. There’s no rest to be had on Press Day at CES 2013. How could anyone rest when tempted by teased products from the likes of Samsung, Sony, Canon, and LG?

Conference highlights included Samsung’s flashy display of...well...displays, with plenty of tablets and televisions. Panasonic showed off their revamped line of appliances, including a bright purple coffee machine.

No conference is without its share of highs and lows, though. Fujifilm’s show was supported by a beautiful soundtrack, making it one of the sexiest conferences by default. On the other hand, the world might never truly know why Casio’s panel was host to talking, shape-shifting ice cream cone hologram, while Sony’s flagship Smart TV had not one but two “blue screens of death” on startup.

It’s a bizarre silicon jungle out there.