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Harlem 13 Gigapixel Photo Gallery

Read about the 13-gigapixel panorama of Harlem, created by Gerard Maynard and Autopano Pro.

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[gallery image='' thumb='' caption='Artist and photographer Gerard Maynard paired with software development company Autopano Pro to create a 13-gigapixel panorama of the Harlem skyline. (Images courtesy of Gerard Maynard and Autopano Pro).']

[gallery image='' thumb='' caption='Prior to the Harlem project, Maynard had been contrusting large photos for about five years. A month before capturing the Harlem skyline, he captured a 10-gigapixel image of Big Sur, Calif., pictured here.']

[gallery image='' thumb='' caption='Maynard has an online portfolio that features other large panoramas he has taken. At left is West 111th Street, a 343-megapixel image.']

[gallery image='' thumb='' caption='At left is The World Trade Center in November of 2003.']

[gallery image='' thumb='' caption='Maynard partnered with Alexandre Jenny of Autopano Pro to create the 13 megapixel panorama of Harlem. Autopano Pro automatically stitches panoramas together in a few steps. First, it automatically dectects the images needed in the panorama, eliminating unnecessary images.']

[gallery image='' thumb='' caption='The software then stitches together the images.']

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[gallery image='' thumb='' caption='The software then applies color correction to the stitched image.']

[gallery image='' thumb='' caption='The software can also create HDR panoramas.']

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