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HP Adds to its R-series

HP today announced nine digital cameras including two additions to its R-series point-and-shoots, the 7-megapixel Photosmart R742 and the 8-megapixel Photosmart R847.

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June 21, 2007 - HP today announced nine digital cameras including three additions to its R-

series of point-and-shoots: the 7-megapixel Photosmart R742, the 8-megapixel Photosmart R847, and the 8-megapixel Photosmart R937, which has a 3.6-inch touch screen. The three cameras will be available in August in North America.

The R847 sits between the R837 and the R937. The R837 has a 7.2-megapixel count, versus the R847's 8 megapixel count. The R937 features 8 megapixels and a 3.6-inch touch screen display, which HP touts as the largest on the compact digital camera market. More about the R937 here.

The Photosmart R847 is fitted with a Fujinon 3x optical zoom lens and incorporates HP's anti-shake and adaptive lighting technologies. Its Auto-bright LCD adapts to indoor and outdoor lighting and has a 170 degree angle of view. 

The R847 has 13 shooting modes, including auto, burst, theatre, and sunset. It features in-camera editing, such as red-eye removal and pet-eye fix, and the ability to slim subjects and remove blemishes. The camera has a tagging feature to help keep photos organized. Additionally, borders, colors, and effects can be added to images in the camera. It will retail for $229.99.

The R742 sits behind the 837 in the R-series. In comparison, the R742 has less digital zoom (7x versus 8x) and a smaller display (2.5 inches versus 3 inches). Both cameras are fitted with a 3x optical zoom lens.

The Photosmart R742 features 13 shooting modes including auto, burst, close up, and sunset. It also has a movie mode and in-camera red-eye removal. It will be offered in a number of colors, including silver, black, and dark blue. It will retail for $179.99

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**HP Photosmart R742 Key Features:

**7 megapixels

3x optical zoom

2.5-inch LCD

13 shooting modes

In-camera red-eye removal

Movie mode

HP Photosmart R847 Key Features:

8 megapixels

Fujinon 3x optical zoom lens

3-inch Auto-bright LCD

13 shooting modes

In-camera editing

Anti-shake and adaptive lighting

**HP Photosmart R937 Key Features:

**8 megapixels

3.6-inch touch screen LCD

In-camera editing

Tag images with keywords or e-mail addresses

Subject slimming and blemish removal features

Anti-shake and adaptive lighting

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