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Sony Introduces Faster MS Pro HG Duo Card

Read about Sony's newest memory card, the Memory Stick Pro HG Duo Media that can write data as fast as 30MB per second.

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April 26, 2007 – Sony yesterday announced the introduction of its Memory Stick Pro HG Duo Media. The new flash memory cards, offered in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB storage capacities, promise faster recording and shorter data transfer time. The Sony MS Pro HG Duo cards will retail from $60 to $150 when they hit the market this August.

Sony created the media cards in response to the increase in high megapixel digital cameras and camcorders on the market, according to a company press release yesterday. The updated MS Pro HG Duo cards have a 8-bit parallel interface, adding four more connector pins than previous Sony Memory Stick media. The addition of the connector pins allows for the faster 30 MB per second data transfer rate, according to the release.

The new Memory Stick Pro HG Duo media is backwards compliant with previous 4-bit parallel interface devices. The cards can withstand temperature extremes from -13°F to +185°F, according to the release.

Included with the Sony MS Pro HG Duo memory card is MagicGate software that provides copyright protection to commercial content.

The MS-EX1G (1GB) Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo is priced at $60, the MS-EX2G (2GB) at $90, and the higher capacity MS-EX4G (4GB) at  $150. The cards will be available this summer at retailers and at

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