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Sony T2 Launches with 4GB Built-in Memory

Sony today introduced the Cyber-shot DSC-T2 point-and-shoot. A follow-up to earlier touch screen Cyber-shots, the T2 touts 4 GB of built-in internal memory.

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***Oct. 24, 2007* – Sony today introduced the Cyber-shot DSC-T2 point-and-shoot. A follow-up to earlier touch screen Cyber-shots, the T2 touts 4 GB of built-in internal memory. The 8-megapixel camera includes high definition viewing, Sony’s Smile Shutter feature, a new Scrapbooking function, and built-in software that allows PC users to directly upload pictures to photo and video sharing sites such as Flickr and YouTube. The Sony Cyber-shot T2 will retail for $350 when it is released in December.

Called a "mega-capacity" camera, according to a company press release today, the Sony Cyber-shot T2 comes with 4 GB of built-in memory. The camera can hold about 1,000 pictures at full 8-megapixel resolution or up to 40,000 pictures at VGA quality, according to the release. This allows T2 owners to use the Cyber-shot as a portable photo album without having to buy an external memory card.

To organize photos, the Cyber-shot T2 includes a Favorites folder with six subfolders, and an additional Sharemark folder to store tagged photos for Web sharing.

The pre-installed Sony PMB Portable software, first introduced on Sony’s video-enabled Net Sharing CAM, enables photo sharing. When users connect the T2 to a PC computer, the program automatically allows image and video uploading to popular online sharing sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket, Shutterfly, and Crackle.

Competitors HP and Kodak have traditionally included hyperlinks to their online sharing sites via Snapfish and the EasyShare Gallery, respectively. Casio also introduced YouTube Uploader software that automatically uploads to the video site. The new Sony PMB Portable software, however, comes pre-installed for a streamlined uploading process.

The Sony T2 embodies a new design in the T-series. The majority of the body is silver with at black LCD frame and sliding lens cover. Users can select from a choice of five color options for the front plate: black, white, blue, pink, or green.

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The Cyber-shot T2 is fitted with a 3x optical zoom lens with optical image stabilization, like the earlier T70. The T2 features a smaller 2.7-inch LCD than the 3-inch monitor of the T70, but has the same 230,000-pixel resolution.

With the touch screen LCD, users can select subjects for automatic exposure and focus. Users can touch the screen on a specific face to focus in Record mode or magnify in Playback.

Like the earlier T200 and T70, the T2 features Smile Shutter, which Sony declared as the first in the industry. Sony’s Smile Shutter detects a smiling person and automatically shoots a sequence of six frames, without the user pressing the shutter, to catch the smile.

The camera also features HD output. Users can view images recorded in 1080-pixel resolution on a high definition-enabled television via the optional HD component cable or HD cradle accessories.

The camera's new scrapbook feature allows users to choose from 16 designs to display photos on the LCD monitor and apply eight filter effects. 

The Sony Cyber-shot T2 is compatible with lithium-ion batteries and accepts MediaStick Duo, MS PRO Duo, MS PRO Duo (High Speed), and PRO-HG Duo media.

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