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‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ is getting a season two—here’s how to watch

The Bad Batch will return in 2022.


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Fans of Star Wars animation recently got confirmation that The Bad Batch is getting another season. Lucasfilm took to Twitter simply to say that season two is indeed on the way, and we can expect to see it premiere sometime in 2022.

The season-one finale, “Kamino Lost,” featured an undersea struggle for survival, with Squad 99 and their wayward brother Crosshair working together, as the ruins of Tipoca City sank beneath the waves. All told, the show’s off to a great start, having delivered the best inaugural season in the history of animated Star Wars—as gorgeous as Resistance and as charming as Rebels.

Look for Bad Batch season two sometime in the second half of next year.

Where to stream the ‘The Bad Batch’ season two

You can stream The Bad Batch, the Star Wars films, and everything else Disney+ has to offer wherever you’re connected to the internet. Disney’s direct-to-consumer streaming service is available in Australia, Austria, Canada, the Channel Islands, France, Germany, India, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Italy, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the U.S.

Disney+ is supported on desktop browsers, a wide range of mobile devices, smart TVs, and game consoles. The platform will serve as the new home for Walt Disney Studios films as well as original, exclusive Disney+ content like Lucasfilm’s new Star Wars series—including The Mandalorian and the final season of The Clone Wars—and a full slate of live-action Marvel shows.

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What’s ‘The Bad Batch’ about?

The Bad Batch follows a squad of misfit clone troopers in the wake of Order 66. Throughout the course of the first season, they watch enlisted soldiers gradually replace their clone brothers as the galaxy falls to the tyranny of the Empire. They take on mercenary work for a Trandoshan named Cid; they have run-ins with some of the most ruthless bounty hunters in the Guild; they aid the fledgling rebellions on Ryloth and elsewhere. The show brings in familiar faces from The Clone Wars, Rebels, The Mandalorian, and so on—but it does a good job of maintaining focus.

Hunter, Wrecker, Echo and Tech are the remaining members of the Batch after their brother, Crosshair, sided with the Empire when Order 66 struck Kaller. Back home on Kamino, they rescue an adolescent clone named Omega—an unaltered clone of Jango Fett, like Boba, who happens to be female. She often acts as the squad’s conscience as they navigate a dark time marked by oppression and uncertainty all across the galaxy.

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How to sign up for Disney+

To start exploring the Star Wars universe, you can subscribe to Disney+ today for $11.99 a month or $119.99 per year.

Disney+ is available to watch through the following devices:

  • Roku streaming devices
  • TVs with built-in Roku
  • Apple TV iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch models
  • Android phones
  • Android TV devices
  • Google Chromecast
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 4
  • Sony TVs with built-in Android
  • LG TV
  • Samsung
  • Chrome OS, MacOS, or any Windows PC

In addition to its all-new programming, Disney+ offers on-demand access to classic movies and tv shows like A Goofy Movie, Fantasia, High School Musical, Lilo & Stitch, The Sword in the Stone, Toy Story, Tron, Up, Wall-E, Boy Meets World, The Clone Wars, DuckTales, Kim Possible, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and The Simpsons.

Signing up to Disney+ also grants access to the Star streaming hub which features tons of 20th Century Fox Movies and TV shows including Summer of Soul, Nomadland, The Shape of Water, The Alien film series, American Horror Stories, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia_, Black-ish, and others.

Get Disney Plus for $11.99 a month

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