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  • Sunflora Picnic Backpack for 4

  • Apollo Walker Picnic Backpack Bag for 4

  • HappyPicnic Wicker Basket Set for 4

  • One Savvy Girl Picnic Backpack for 4

  • Allcamp Picnic Backpack for 4

Sunflora Picnic Backpack for 4

With a large insulated food section and a larger blanket, the Sunflora backpack appears to be sized for four adults unlike many of the smaller picnic sets we looked at. In addition to generous sizing, the quality of the plates and flatware is above average as well, according to reviewers. Sunflora makes a point of noting the upgrade it made a couple of years ago, moving to all stainless steel utensils as well as tougher melamine plates.

Since some reviews show pictures of the backpack from before this upgrade, please keep in mind the more recent reviews are more accurate as to what you can expect. In fact, many of the negative comments focused on plates being broken on arrival. Other than a few reviewers being unhappy at the quality of the trim and stitching on the backpack, most reviewers were happy with the quality and the design of the whole setup.


  • Removable waterproof bag

  • Wooden cutting board

  • Fluffy blanket


  • Lower quality trim and stitching

Apollo Walker Picnic Backpack Bag for 4

The Apollo Walker backpack appears to give good value for its price: many reviewers commented on the great quality of the bag and the thick blanket. With a separate zippered compartment for the plates, glasses, and utensils, the backpack should hold items securely and keep them organized. One reviewer noted the insulated compartment could hold four plastic storage containers, giving you an idea of the size inside.

Since Apollo Walker sells several picnic backpacks, double-check when you order to ensure you get the one you want. Several reviewers were frustrated to receive a set for two instead of four, or an unexpected color. In some of the videos, a completely different backpack is modeled, causing a bit of confusion about which backpack is being sold.


  • Good value

  • Solidly constructed backpack

  • Well organized compartments


  • Flimsy flatware and plates

  • Confusing information online

HappyPicnic Wicker Basket Set for 4

When I imagine picnicking, I picture this classic wicker basket. The colors of the fabric and the texture of the wicker all encourage photo taking to post online later. The pictures won’t show the awkwardness of lugging this wicker basket from your vehicle, as your options will be to either hold it like a suitcase (causing everything in the main compartment to shift sideways) or carry it awkwardly with both hands.

Reviewers were less put off by the handle, noting it is comfortable and of better quality than expected. The insulated compartment makes up most of the wicker basket, with the plates and cutlery secured to the lid. While most reviewers were satisfied with the basket overall, a few expressed disappointment with the dishes and utensils, either being surprised at the mostly plastic items or finding items cracked during shipping.


  • Photo-friendly design

  • Large insulated compartment

  • Sturdy mat


  • Lower quality plates and utensils

  • Not packable for long walks

One Savvy Girl Picnic Backpack for 4

Larger than average blanket (at 57 x 57 inches)? Check. Stainless steel flatware? Check. Backpack with an extra strap to carry like a messenger bag? Check. Features I didn’t even know I wanted, like stainless steel mugs and plates? Double-check! Unlike other picnic sets, One Savvy Girl has doubled-down on upgrading the utensils and plates, as well as offering a much more useful stainless steel mug instead of the plastic wine glasses in other picnic sets.

In addition to the stainless steel improvements, the additional storage bag with messenger-style strap means this picnic backpack has it in the bag. While there are no measurements on the insulated compartment, several reviewers commented that the bag and blanket appeared to accommodate four people’s needs. In addition, this picnic set comes with a lifetime warranty. Several reviewers commented on the effectiveness of One Savvy Girl’s customer service team, so that should give you some peace of mind.


  • Stainless steel plates

  • Durable bag

  • Larger blanket

  • Great warranty


  • Nothing we could find

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Allcamp Picnic Backpack for 4

The Allcamp picnic backpack has a unique design with a zipper across the top that allows for easy access to the main compartment as well as a pair of handles that offer an alternative to carry instead of putting on your back. When sorting through reviews, we noticed that the reviews were binned together covering several products that Allcamp makes. We still feel comfortable recommending this pack, but you may read reviews that are for a different product than the one you're buying.

While some reviewers commented on the stitching on the bag unraveling, more reviewers stated the quality was acceptable and appreciated the bag design. Like many other picnic sets, the quality of the plastic plates and utensils was a bit lacking. The bag design and quality of the blanket appear to make up for the plates and utensils, however, as most reviewers awarded five stars. The set has a warranty for 185 days, covering you for several months after purchasing.


  • Thoughtful design

  • Decent blanket


  • Lower quality plastic plates, utensils, and cups

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