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  • Delicious and flavorful

  • Countless recipe applications

  • Good range of size options


  • Storage instructions and expiration date aren't included

Review body

Moonflowers sources its premium-grade saffron from the Herat region of Afghanistan where it's hand-harvested by female farmers. Founder Tahmina Ghaffer is adamant about supporting these Afghan women as their labor accounts for the majority of saffron farming overall. To support women in Afghanistan, Moonflowers has a list of resources to help Afghan families and a direct donation option to International Rescue Committee on its shop page.

These tins are tiny but mighty—the pinch of saffron I added to my rice transformed it into a dish with velvety depth.

About Moonflowers Saffron Threads

An artistic lifestyle image featuring a box of saffron and various purple, green, and yellow flowers sprouting out from behind it.
Credit: Moonflowers

Moonflowers saffron is available in 2-, 5-, or 10-gram tins.

  • Origin: Herat, Afghanistan
  • Type: Super Negin
  • Sizes: 2g, 5g, 10g
  • Common recipe applications: tea, tahdig, risotto, paella

What we like

Side by side photos of a person holding a closed tin of saffron and an open tin of saffron.
Credit: Reviewed / Madison Trapkin

These tins are small but mighty as a little saffron goes a long way.

It's delicious, flavorful, and fairly priced

If you're like me, you've probably paid too much for flavorless grocery store saffron before—the stuff that comes in a too-big glass jar and costs exponentially more than, say, equally punchy black pepper. Unlike this run-of-the-mill saffron, Moonflowers' saffron adds a lightly sweet and deeply earthy flavor to every dish you use it in, plus it's priced comparably to other quality saffron on the market.

Many saffron varieties will simply alter the color of whatever dish your cooking, which is certainly advantageous when you're trying to distinguish saffron risotto from mushroom risotto. But in terms of flavor, Moonflowers delivers big time tastiness that competitors just can't compete with.

The recipe applications are limitless

You'd be hard-pressed to find something you can't add saffron to. Saffron Peach Jam? You bet. Saffron and Pear Cake with Ricotta Cream by Jordan Rondell, founder of The Caker? Absolutely. Your tiny box of saffron will go a long way in a plethora of delicious dishes, savory and sweet alike.

The size options are useful for all sorts of cooks

If you're still in the exploration phase of saffron cooking, the 2-gram tin ($15.99) is the perfect size. It'll easily last for a handful of dishes because remember, a pinch in all you need for many recipes. If, like Ghaffer, you drink homemade saffron tea every morning, then you'll probably want to opt for either the 5- or 10-gram tin. And if you really can't get enough of this stuff—which, to be fair, we wouldn't blame you for—you can subscribe to any of the tin sizes and get it delivered automatically.

What we don’t like

Storage instructions and expiration date aren't included

Unlike many other spices, saffron has a relatively long shelf-life of one to two years, depending on who you ask and what sort of environment you live in. That said, since saffron is technically perishable, it would be helpful to know when it's time to toss and how best to store it.

Should you buy Moonflowers Saffron Threads?

Left: A person throws a handful of saffron into the air against a wall that's half white and half purple. Right: A close-up image of saffron threads in oil.
Credit: Moonflowers

Moonflowers uses super negin, a premium saffron that's deep red and long stemmed.

Yes, especially if you like experimenting in the kitchen

If you're already a fan of saffron and you've been on the hunt for top-notch threads, Moonflowers is the answer. Or, if you're new to this particular spice but you enjoying trying new recipes, this saffron could be a gateway to new and exciting flavor profiles. At about $16, Moonflowers Saffron Threads are fairly priced and unlike other spice buyers, Moonflowers pays the Afghan women who farm its products.

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