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11 AAPI-owned food brands to support right now

From fan-favorite cookware to single-origin spices.

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May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. And in many parts of the country, celebrations and cultural events take place to commemorate and honor people from all over Asia—as well as Hawaiian natives.

No celebration would be complete without recognizing the rich culinary traditions within AAPI communities. From kitchen products that make cooking easier to a smattering of direct-to-consumer spices and condiments, here are AAPI-owned food brands we love.

1. Our Place

The terracotta-colored Always Pan is in the center of the image. The color is earthy with an orange hue. Next to the pan, pottery vases, drinkware, and plates of nuts and snacks are on display..
Credit: Our Place

You can use the pan for almost all types of stovetop cooking.

Co-founded by Shiza Shahid, direct-to-consumer cookware and dinnerware brand Our Place is best known for its multitasking Always Pan. We tried this pan and like that it excelled at tackling multiple stovetop cooking tasks, such as frying eggs and making one-pot pasta. The only caveat is this gorgeous pan isn’t oven-safe.

Get the Always Pan from Our Place for $145

2. Brightland

On a table, two bottles of Brightland olive oil are on display, alongside some fruits and vegetables such as an artichoke, lemon, and oranges.
Credit: Brightland

Woman-owned Brightland offers a range of olive oils and vinegars.

This pantry staple goes in pretty much everything we cook. However, the importance of what goes into making olive oil is oftentimes ignored, which is why founder Aishwarya Iyer decided to produce high quality olive oil using olives harvested from heirloom trees in California.

In addition to the best-selling Alive and Awake oils, Brightland regularly releases fun flavors such as the garlic-forward Rosette. Our editor tried it and confirmed: “This definitely tastes like garlic, but it's not too overpowering and would be great with a rustic loaf of bread, roasted potatoes, or grilled steak.”

Get the Duo Olive Oil Set on Brightland for $74

3. Hast Knives

Three powder-steel Hast knives are on display, with the one in the center of the image being black, the one to the right gold, and the one to the left being silver.
Credit: Hast Co.

These heavy-duty knives are dishwasher-safe.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance but high-performing knife, this award-winning carbon steel knife should be on your radar. We tried each knife in a four-piece knife set, chopping up vegetables, cutting through chicken bones, deboning a whole fish, and mincing herbs. Though it’s a bit pricey, we’re impressed by its build quality that we think will last a long time.

Get the Modern 4-Piece Hast Knife Set for $269

4. Bokksu

A box of Bokksu Japanese snack subscription box is opened up. Inside the box, there's an assortment of individually-packaged sweet and savory treats.
Credit: Reviewed / Valerie Li Stack

I like all the snacks I received in my first Bokksu box.

Miss traveling? This snack subscription can virtually take you on a trip to Japan. Each box includes an assortment of 20 to 25 Japanese snacks, candies, and a tea pairing, plus a booklet that details the origin and flavor profile of each product. There’s a theme for every month, which intends to celebrate a region, a festival, or a cultural phenomenon—like Mochi Madness for March and Moon Festival for September.

Subscribe to Bokksu Snacks from Japan three-month subscription box for $44.95 each month

5. Material

A stack of four colorful plastic cutting boards.
Credit: Material

The Material reBoard is the best plastic cutting board we tested.

Products from this minimalist cookware brand have constantly impressed us at Reviewed. From the soft-edge spatula to the cutting board made from recycled BPA-free plastic, founders Eunice Byun and Dave Nguyen have incorporated their vision for Material—a brand that “designs modern kitchenware for home cooks like us”—into every item.

Get the reBoard cutting board at Material for $35

6. Diaspora Co.

On the left, a person is harvesting turmeric from the fields; on the right, two jars of Diaspora Co.'s top-selling products are on display.
Credit: Diaspora Co.

Pragati Turmeric is what Diaspora Co. is best known for, and it's a total recipe game changer.

If you’re looking for high quality spices to add to your pantry, you may want to consider Diaspora Co. Our editor loves it so much that she finds herself craving “the deep, floral earthiness of the Pragati Tumeric at least once a week.” She’ll whip up a batch of one-pot tumeric coconut rice or a simple bowl of popcorn, covered in butter and heavily sprinkled with this golden spice.

Get the Pragati Turmeric Spice at Diaspora Co. for $12

7. Umamicart

A box of Umamicart delivery can include a variety of Asian condiments, snacks, and fresh produce.
Credit: Umamicart

Umamicart is an online-shopper-friendly platform for Asian groceries.

This online Asian grocery delivery service can save you trips to your local H-Mart. Founder Andrea Xu is a self-proclaimed third-culture kid, having grown up in Spain and now living in New York. Her passion for food and culture began in her early childhood as her parents ran a Chinese restaurant in Spain.

Frustrated by limited choices at her local markets, she started Umamicart, an online Asian grocer that offers a curated and comprehensive selection of timeless staples and new, distinctly Asian American products and ingredients, delivered conveniently to customers’ doorstep. Currently, Umamicart only delivers to the U.S. Northeast, but its delivery area is expanding rapidly.

Get the Pantry 101 kit at Umamicart for $74.69

8. Crave Natural

Four Crave Natural oatmeals are on display. From the left, there's Black Sesame, Adzuki Bean, Silk Osmanthus, and Taro Black Tea Oatmeals.
Credit: Crave Natural

Crave Natural makes oatmeal more interesting by adding new flavors to it.

Crave Natural makes instant oatmeals that can be adapted to everyone’s palette by adding ingredients traditionally seen in Asian cooking, such as osmanthus flowers (my favorite scent of all time!) and adzuki beans. This high-protein, high-fiber, and low sugar oatmeal is vegan and gluten-free, ideal for people with dietary preferences or restrictions.

Get the Crave Natural Instant Oatmeal Variety Pack of 4 on Amazon for $12.99

9. Omsom

On a yellow table, Southeast Asian dishes are on display with the Omsom sauce kits around.
Credit: Omsom / Jenny Huang

Omsom Asian cooking starter kits are a convenient way to cook the dishes I’m familiar with and some that I’m not.

After a few months of ambitious quarantine meals, the cooking fatigue finally hit me—until I tried these popular sauce kits that were popping up on my social feed. Thanks to Vietnamese-American sisters Vanessa and Kim Pham’s brilliant invention, I was able to not only cook delicious meals easily, but also explore dishes that I’d never attempted before. My favorites are the Vietnamese Lemongrass BBQ and the Filipino Sisig starter kits, which are both aromatic and rich in flavor.

Get the Southeast Asian Sampler Set of 6 at Omsom for $29

10. Fly by Jing

There are three jars of sauces and spice blends by Fly By Jing. From the left, there's the Sichuan Chili Crisp, Zhong Sauce, and Mala Spice Mix.
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

These sauces are made with all natural ingredients and no food additives.

You may have heard about the chili crisp craze, but did you know that this condiment pairs extraordinarily well with vanilla ice cream? Inspired by the incredible Sichuan cuisine of her hometown Chengdu, Chinese-American Jing Gao founded the company to introduce more people to the magic of chili crisp. If you love it as much as we do, sign up for a subscription to get your crisp delivered monthly.

Get the Sichuan Chili Crisp at Fly By Jing for $17

11. Dang Foods

Dang Foods mainly produce flavor rice chips and snack bars with flavors of Thailand.
Credit: Dang Foods

If you like Thai food, you'll want to give Dang Foods a try.

For those who love Southeast Asian flavors, these Thai street food-inspired snacks won’t disappoint. Founded by Thai-American Vincent Kitirattragarn, Dang Foods aims to bring the food of Kitirattragarn’s childhood to the masses.

From coconut and rice chips to snack bars, Dang has a variety of munchies made from ingredients from Thailand. As a certified B Corp, Dang meets rigorous environmental and public transparency standards, sourcing all the coconuts from their family farm in Thailand.

Get the Dang Foods Thai Rice Chip on Amazon for $23

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