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Our favorite 'ugly produce' subscription now delivers groceries

Misfits Marketplace slashed my weekly food shopping cost in half.

Grocery delivery service, Misfits Market, now includes a wide variety of products. Credit: Misfits Market

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When I first tested popular “ugly produce” subscriptions back in 2019, I enjoyed them so much that part of me wished they could be my one-stop-shop for grocery shopping some day. Since then, my wishes have come true in the form of Misfits Marketplace, a feature that allows the brand’s subscribers to add pantry and grocery items to their subscription boxes.

Intrigued by this new feature, I logged into my old account to place an order.

About Misfits Market grocery delivery service

Against a Misfits Market box, there's a range of fresh produce with minor imperfections, such as bruises and weird shapes.
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

In addition to produce, the newly added Marketplace feature makes Misfits Market a one-stop shop.

Misfits Market started out as a surplus produce subscription service, delivering premium organic produce with minor imperfections to subscribers’ doorsteps at a fraction of the price you’d pay at a grocery store. Such produce delivery services surged in popularity in 2020, as people stayed home and avoided trips to the store.

Misfits Market has expanded from a produce-only service to cover more all-encompassing grocery and pantry items. From organic oatmilk to free-range chicken thighs, the newly launched Misfits Marketplace includes the following categories: Snacks, Meat & Seafood, Pantry, and Herbs & Spices. Fruit and Vegetables remain the brand’s largest selection of organic products.

How does Misfits Market work?

In an ice bag, there's a package of ground beef, a steak, and a package of chicken thighs.
Credit: Reviewed / Valerie Li Stack

The products in the Meat and Seafood section are also discounted up to 40%.

Previously, the only option for customization was to pick your box size. With the new changes, subscribers can now build their own boxes by selecting each item. I personally liked the original mystery box concept because I’m an adventurous eater, but I also understand that customization may be appealing to most people.

First, you’ll need to sign up and provide your zip code. Currently, Misfits Market delivers to more than 20 states and the list is growing.

Once signed up, you can choose your delivery date, which will then show you the three-day window to customize your box. There’s a $30 minimum on delivery and more than 200 items available to pick from. If you’re interested in the Meat & Seafood section, an additional $30 minimum is imposed, which means you’ll need to meet a $60 threshold to add meat and seafood items to your Misfits box.

What I like

In a Misfits Market box, there are fresh broccolis and yellow bell peppers, surrounded by tomatoes, chocolate chip cookies, and paleo chips.
Credit: Reviewed / Valerie Li Stack

Browsing the Snack section was joyful, and I absolutely loved the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies I picked.

There are tons of grocery staples and pantry items to choose from

The Marketplace offers a decent selection of products, which checked off almost everything from my shopping list. The Produce selection is seasonal and rotates relatively frequently, so I’m never bored from having to pick the same items every week.

I ordered a number of items from each category offered: green vegetables, herbs, root vegetables, fruits, salmon, dairy, and snacks! Some of the produce have had visible imperfections, such as the weirdly shaped bell pepper, but the shape didn’t affect its amazing taste.

The pricing is transparent and shipping is free

Misfits also provides a level of transparency when it comes to pricing. Every product has its retail price on it so you’ll get a sense of how much exactly you’ll save. After building my first box, I was amazed by how inexpensive my entire week's worth of supplies turned out to be. Plus, shipping is free.

Misfits weather-proofs its boxes

Additionally, the team behind Misfits took into account how important it is to weather-proof its boxes. My first box arrived in the midst of a heatwave, which registered 95°F on that day. I left the box out on the porch for a few hours before opening it, and gladly found all my groceries, including meat and seafood, still frozen and securely packed in between gel packs.

What I don’t like

On a wooden tabletop, there's a Misfits Market box, potentially carrying produce items with imperfections.
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

I wish there's more detail on the imperfection each produce item has.

The exact type of imperfection isn’t specified

It would be helpful if the products in the Fruit and Vegetables section could specify what type of imperfections they have. Some competitors' websites list the reason for imperfections, such as "surplus" and "bruise."

The website was a bit glitchy

As a returning customer, I needed my password to log in but couldn’t remember what it was. I sought help from customer service but it was a Friday afternoon so there was no answer. I tried to use the auto-generated password reset on the website, but the reset email never came (also checked my spam inbox). I had to spend the vast majority of my Monday morning trying to retrieve my password, which I eventually did, but what a waste of time.

Is ordering groceries from Misfits Market worth it?

In the center of the plate, there's a piece of grilled salmon, accompanied with bell pepper, corn, and peas medley.
Credit: Reviewed / Valerie Li Stack

With the new Marketplace feature, you can expect to gather all the ingredients needed for weekly dinners.

Absolutely! Whether you’re too busy to shop in person or hoping to snag premium organic products at a reduced price, Misfits Market offers a convenient and inexpensive way to get groceries delivered to you from the comfort of your couch.

Sign up for Misfits Market Grocery Subscription starting at $30

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