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This best-selling Japanese chef’s knife is 80% off right now

The perfect chef's knife for anyone still learning their way around the kitchen, this Amazon best-seller is extra affordable right now.

This best-selling Japanese chef’s knife is 80% off right now Credit: ISSIKI JAPAN

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UPDATE: This knife is now out of stock, but if you're jonesing for an affordable kitchen blade, you can check out the Soulfull 8-inch chef's knife that's also on sale for a fraction more ($25.88), marked down from $160.

A good chef’s knife can transform your home cooking experience, and right now you can pick up the #1 best-selling Japanese chef’s knife on Amazon for just $25.

The IKSSIKI JAPAN 8-inch chef’s knife has a retail price of $125, but you can usually find this particular culinary blade on eBay for $30-$40. That being said, Amazon has all those eBay sellers beat with an 80% discount, especially when you factor in shipping, which is free and fast for Prime members.

If you’re just starting to hone your culinary skills, this lightweight stainless steel blade is a great choice to get started. Think of it like a manual transmission. You don’t want to learn to drive stick on a brand new car. You learn on a less expensive vehicle that won’t be as heartbreaking when you grind the gears into nothing.

The same goes for your chef knife. Learn how to work with a cheaper model, then upgrade to a more deluxe version if you want. When you're ready to step up your game, check out our roundup of the best chef's knives. We tested 15 different knives (not including this one) that range in price from $45-$150 to help you find the best one for your cooking style.

Get the ISSIKI chef’s knife on Amazon for $24.99.

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