This award-winning cooking gadget is back at its Black Friday price

Sous vide cooking changed my life, and I think you should try it too.

This award-winning cooking gadget is back at its Black Friday price Credit: ChefSteps

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If you love a good home-cooked meal, but are not as handy in the kitchen as you wish you were, I highly recommend sous vide cooking. And I can’t think of a better option than the Chef Steps Joule. I've had mine since it came out over two years ago and use it at least once or twice a week to cook chicken, steak, asparagus, and all sorts of yummy foods. Despite my less-than-stellar cooking skills, when I sous vide my meals, they taste like a chef made them for me.

Right now on Amazon, you can save big on both the white and stainless steel models, which usually sell for $179 and $199, respectively, but are discounted to $144 and $159. The only difference between the two models is simply the added aesthetic touch of the stainless steel top (thus the added cost)–otherwise, they're identical in form and function.

While Reviewed ranked the Joule the second best option compared to the popular Anova, this device is the best choice in my book. The Joule, which we named the best WiFi immersion circulator, is sleek and small enough to fit in a drawer, and it's got WiFi built right into it. Why WiFi? Well, unlike the Anova (and most sous vide cookers), there is no display on the Joule itself. Instead, the Joule pairs with an app that’s even more stunning that the precision cooker itself, making it even easier to learn how to sous vide.

ChefSteps App: Steak doneness
Credit: ChefSteps

My favorite part of the app is that it shows you what your food will look like at each temperature preset.

The app is literally my favorite part of the Joule cooking experience. You can access step-by-step guides for cooking everything from steak and chicken to vegetables, desserts, and new experimental recipes. These guides include written instructions as well as helpful video clips that show you what you should be doing. I actually learned how to properly sear meats thanks to the ChefSteps app, and it’s given me even more confidence to experiment in the kitchen.

Not sure what temperature to set for a particular recipe? Joule will show you what the outcome will be at each temperature and automatically set the correct corresponding time. The result, no matter what you’re making, is perfectly cooked food every time. No training or guesswork required.

Get the ChefSteps Joule for $144-$159 (Save $35-$40)

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