What makes a Reviewed deal different?

Dear Reader: There's no such thing as a good deal on a bad product.


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If your inbox is anything like mine, you probably get spammed a dozen times a day with promises of a great deal. But what makes a "good deal," really? There's a lot more to it than simply knocking a few bucks off the price.

A good product

Rule number one here is "There's no such thing as a good deal on a bad product." We're product nerds. We have big, beautiful labs where we get to geek out on everything from cameras to TVs to washing machines to blenders to robot vacuums to baby monitors to air conditioners... and everything else. We know a good product from a bad one and we're not afraid to name names.

Every product doesn't have to be the "best in class" in order to be the right one for you. Maybe you're on a budget. Maybe you need it to be smaller, or bigger, or battery-powered. Whatever your specific need is, we're on the hunt for the best version of it.

The right price

Don't be fooled by huge percent-off price reductions. Sometimes that "40% off" product never actually sold for the full price. Camelcamelcamel is a tremendously useful tool for checking price histories on Amazon. But Amazon doesn't carry everything.

Our in-house experts know how to spot a real deal in a pile of "fake deals" in tricky categories like large appliances, cookware, and parenting, because they have years of experience writing about them.

And it's easy to forget that sometimes the best deal of all is simply buying the best product, even if it never goes on sale.

Do we review every product that we post a deal on?

Reviewing is kind of our thing. (It's right there in our name, after all.) And while we have a sizeable staff and amazing labs, we simply can't test every product under the sun.

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We have deal alerts set up for all our top editors' picks, and we'll always share them with you when we can. Plus, you can browse our Best Right Now product guides anytime you like, where we offer real-time pricing from trustworthy retailers.

But there will always be a greater number of deals than products that we can review. If we spot a sale on something we haven't tested first-hand, we run a thorough background check: Have other publications reviewed it? What do the user reviews say? And just as important, can those user reviews be trusted? Fakespot is a great resource for this purpose.

In sort, if we're writing about a deal, we either reviewed the product or reviewed the reviews of the product. We're real people who love finding great deals, and we hate spammy clickbait as much as you do.

Do we make money from these deals?

Yes, we do earn a small percent when you purchase a product from a retailer we recommend. We put a little paragraph explaining this on every article we write because we want to be upfront about it.

We're here to work for you, the reader. But this staff and these labs cost money. Nothing is more important to us than your trust and satisfaction. If you value what we do, you can help support us by using our links to retailers.

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