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How to Clean Ping Pong Balls Using a Dishwasher

It's probably easier to just wash them by hand.


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Here at, we love to see what goes on inside the dishwashers we review. That’s why we stick GoPro cameras inside all the dishwashers we test.

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From budget Whirlpools to high-end KitchenAids with three separate wash arms, we’ve watched them all do their thing. But for our latest inside-the-dishwasher video, we decided to change things up: We filled a dishwasher with 100 ping pong balls.

Don't ask us why we did it. We don't really know the answer to that question. All we know is that we tossed a hundred of those little plastic balls into a Miele Futura Classic Plus, set the cycle to normal, and walked away.