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Let’s face it, lefties live in a world made for right handed people. While they only make up about 10 percent of the population, we should still welcome them into the world with the same respect that we give right handers i.e. make more stuff for them that will make their lives easier.

From using a measuring tape, to writing in a notebook, us right handed people take these simple acts for granted every day. Here are some of the most interesting products you can get for a lefty to help them adapt in this right handed world.

1. A pen that won’t leave their hands dirty

Credit: Amazon

Lefties everywhere can attest to the fact that if you’re writing with a pen that doesn’t dry quick enough, your hand is going to smudge the entire sentence you just labored over. Fortunately, these Jetstream pens dry almost instantly, leaving you with a smooth and professional look. It also means you won’t have an awful ink stain covering your hand the rest of the day.

Get the Uni-Ball Jetstream Retractable Ball Point Pen for $8.06

2. A mouse they can actually use

Credit: Amazon

Gone are the days when lefties had to use the computer mouse backwards at their desks. The vertical design allows for the palm of the left hand to fit comfortably into the mouse, allowing for effortless control and zero wrist pain. More importantly, the unique design allows you to easily see if one of your coworkers “accidentally borrowed” your mouse from your desk and forgot to return it.

Get the Jelly Comb left-handed wireless mouse for $29.99

3. A notebook with a phrase all lefties should shout from the rooftops

Credit: Amazon

Not only do lefties have to worry about smudging their writing, but they are forced to have their hand rest on the harsh metal spirals of a notebook. However, with this notebook, lefties are free to live like the rest of us, free from metal spirals digging into their wrists. This 5 subject notebook is perfect for lefties in school who want to have all of their class notes in one place. The fun saying on the cover is an added bonus.

Get the left handed five subject spiral notebook for $16.99

4. A snack specifically made with them in mind

Credit: Oreo

We can all agree on one thing regardless if we’re left or right handed—Oreos are the greatest cookie out there. Oreo has decided to honor their left handed snackers by making a limited edition left handed package, so lefties can tear into the cookie package as eagerly as their right handed counterparts. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your very own package of left handed opening Oreos as they are only around for a limited time.

5. A specialty spoon so they can improve their culinary skills

Credit: Amazon

As a righty, one thing that blows my mind is that even the most basic of tools aren’t designed to help our left handed friends. Who would have thought that even spoons give righties an advantage? Enter, the Le Creuset saute spoon. While this may seem like a minor change, the slight angle difference in the spoon allows for lefties to have more control while whipping up their favorite meals.

Get the Le Creuset silicone left handed saute spoon for $14.95

6. A corkscrew to more easily pop bottles in celebration of being a lefty

Credit: Amazon

Since the invention of the corkscrew, lefties have had to struggle in front of others while opening up bottles of wine. For those who are frequently utilizing corkscrews, this item is particularly useful. “I work in the restaurant industry, so this item is a blessing,” said one reviewer on Amazon. The only downside? You can only get one color. “I wish there were more color options,” said the same reviewer “However, we live in a right handed world and we left handed people are stuck with orange.” Sorry about that.

Get the left handed folding 4-in-1 corkscrew for $19.99

7. Scissors that don’t cramp their hands when cutting

Credit: Amazon

We all remember learning how to use scissors in elementary school and how awkward they first felt in our hands. Now picture scissors feeling weird and clumsy every time you use them; that’s how lefties feel with righty scissors. However, fear not. Left handed scissors are here to save the day.

The titles of the Amazon reviews speak for themselves on how great these scissors are, with names like “Life changing”, “Should have bought these a long time ago” and “Left handed husband approved”. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy for all the lefties out there, especially the husband of an Amazon reviewer who finally approves of the scissors in his home.

Get the Fiskars left hand scissors for $6.95

8. A measuring tape they won’t have to read upside down

Credit: Amazon

Give a righty and a lefty a measuring tape and have them measure something. The righty will come out with the result faster. Why? They don’t have to read the numbers upside down! Fortunately, this is where the FastCap measuring tape comes into play. The tape is split down the middle so you can clearly read each side, regardless if you are using your left or right hand to measure. Perfect for the carpenter or amateuer handy man in your life.

Get the FastCap lefty/righty measuring tape for $9.99

9. A pain free can opener

Credit: Amazon

When asking my lefty friends the biggest struggles they face, every one of them began with the same two words: can openers. As a right hander who can barely use a can opener that is designed for me, I felt their pain. This Kuhn Rikon opener is made for easy use for both left and right handers. To add an extra seal of approval, two of my left handed colleagues have each easily used this can opener with zero problems. Sounds like a win for everyone!

Get the Kuhn Rikon auto safety lid lifter for $17.45

10. A measuring cup to measure how many times the world has been unfair to lefties

Credit: Amazon

While it seems like the majority of the kitchen (and world) is designed for righties, this measuring cup evens the playing field. The angled surface allows you to read measurements from above, so you don’t have to worry about which hand you’re holding it in.

Get the OXO good grips angled measuring cup for $7.99

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