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The 20 best wedding gifts to buy at HSN

Shower the lovebirds in your life with these top products.

Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

HSN is a treasure trove when it comes to wedding gifts. There's everything from electronics to kitchenware to furniture and decorative items available from brands you know and love, making it your one-stop shop for all kinds of wedding gifts for the happy couple.

A ton of these options below have also been thoroughly vetted by the Reviewed staff and named our favorites of the year. Keep on scrolling for the best, top-rated products to shop that’ll make the new couple swoon, from brands like Dyson, SodaStream, Nespresso, and more.

1. For the seasoned chefs: Curtis Stone cookware set

Cookware set in blue in tiled kitchen next to cookware set with pots and pans in red
Credit: Curtis Stone

Best HSN wedding gifts: Curtis Stone cookware set

Whether your newlyweds love to cook or simply need an upgrade from the cookware they’ve been using since college, this top-rated Curtis Stone cookware set is a great bet. The aluminum set made with a five-layer non-stick coating comes with two types of frying pans, two sauciers, a sauté pan, a Dutch oven, a stone rack, and handy recipe cards. It comes in three colors, and its lids are interchangeable between pots and pans.

Of its 450 reviews, many say they use each piece at least once a week, and that cleanup is easy: “I love Curtis Stone Cookware. This is the second set that I bought. It really is non-stick and cleans just as easy as Curtis makes it look. I stack the pans inside of each other and they do not scratch up. The cookware is as beautiful as it is durable! I have recommended this cookware to several of my friends and family!”

Get Curtis Stone Dura-Pan Nonstick 10-piece Chef

2. For the organized couple: Anchor Hocking Glass Food Storage Set

storage sets with red lids
Credit: Anchor Hocking/HSN

Best HSN wedding gifts: Anchor Hocking storage set

They’re going to have plenty of leftovers post the wedding—why not also give them a set of sleek containers to put it all in? Gone are the days of searching frantically—and fruitlessly—for the lids to fit your jumbled mess of Tupperware containers. This 24-piece set of various sized, dishwasher-safe glass containers nest together for easy storage when not in use. They’re multipurpose; the couple can use them to prep ingredients, store leftovers, and even bake dishes in the oven. Plus, an accompanying dry erase marker ensures they won’t have to perform the age-old sniff test to figure out what’s inside. HSN shoppers said they were extremely sturdy and that the seals were indeed leak-proof.

Get the Anchor Hocking TrueSeal 24-piece Glass Food Storage Set with Pen for $51.95

3. For the couple who prefers tea over coffee: Curtis Stone Glass Kettle

White and steel grey covered kettle
Credit: Curtis Stone/HSN

Best HSN wedding gifts: Curtis Stone kettle

We’re spilling the tea when it comes to must-have tea kettles. This glass Curtis Stone model combines function and fashion. It’s sleek and minimalist, perfect for the modern kitchen, and since it’s electric, it can be used on any surface—no stovetop needed. The easy-to-use kettle features five temperature settings, so they’ll get the perfect cup every time, whether they’re steeping, brewing, or boiling.

Get the Curtis Stone 1500W Electric Glass Kettle for $54.95

4. For the clumsy couple: Safe-T-Grip Nonstick Cookware Set

assorted pans in different colors with eggs
Credit: Safe-T-Grip/HSN

Best HSN wedding gifts: Safe-T-Grip pans

If one or both of the newlyweds are known for being, er, a bit clumsy, this non-stick cookware set will help them keep a safe grip on hot pans in the kitchen. Both the fry and sauté pans feature ergonomic handles—so even if they’re juggling multiple pots in a crowded kitchen, they won’t have to worry about slippery fingers. HSN customers liked them too, but do note though that they aren't the most durable as paint chips off after continuous use.

Get the Safe-T-Grip 3-piece Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set for $43.95

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5. For the couple that's redecorating: August & Leo Valentina Jewelry Armoire Lamp

August & Leo white lamp shade with gold accents
Credit: August & Leo

Best HSN wedding gifts: August & Leo lamp

The August & Leo Valentina jewelry armoire lamp makes for the perfect wedding gift since it serves two functions: it provides lighting via an LED bulb, and its base acts as jewelry storage (for their wedding bands, for example), making it a space-saving option. Its brass gold accents and mirrored finish complement any décor scheme, while its square-shaped shade offers modern appeal.

Get the August & Leo Valentina Jewelry Armoire Lamp from HSN for $198.95

6. For the couple with a furry friend: Wonderfold Wagon Pet Stroller

stroller in blue and bright pink on white background
Credit: Wonderfold Wagon

Best HSN wedding gifts: Wonderfold Wagon stroller

Many couples consider their pet their prized offspring, and that’s A-OK! When it's rainy or cold outside or their furry friend is feeling under the weather, a pet stroller can come in handy. This Wonderfold Wagon pet stroller folds in half for simple storage and features zipperless entry to seamlessly move their pet in and out of the stroller. It’s suitable for pets up to 50 pounds and includes a large back pocket and bottom basket for their personal belongings.

Reviewers say it’s as easy to set up as it is to use: “When I received this, it was pretty much put together. There was hardly anything to do but put the wheels on. It’s beautiful and has enough room for my dogs while I stroll around in stores. You cannot go wrong with this stroller.”

[Get the Wonderfold Wagon Pet Stroller from HSN for $187.95

7. For the couple that loves to experiment in the kitchen: Ninja Foodi 4-in-1 Power Blender

Women in kitchen blending smoothies
Credit: Ninja

Best HSN wedding gifts: Ninja blender

Blenders are useful for so much more than a morning smoothie. Whip up something delicious—and completely surprising, like cauliflower fried rice and crab cakes—with the best-selling Ninja Power blender. It works quadruple duty as a smoothie maker, blender, food processor, and dough maker. The dishwasher-safe appliance requires less liquid to blend up frozen treats, allowing them to retain their signature thick and creamy texture. It also comes with a 24-ounce portable cup for on-the-go smoothies, a cleaning brush, and a recipe guide.

With a five-star rating, reviewers rave over how much power it packs despite its modest size: One customer even added, "the BEST part: the blade is removable, so clean up is EASY! You hit it out of the park, Ninja!”

Get the Ninja Foodi 4-in-1 Power Blender from HSN for $179.99

8. For the wine aficionados: StoreSmith Wine Storage Cart

Wine wooden bar cart on wheels with red panelling
Credit: StoreSmith

Best HSN wedding gifts: StoreSmith wine cart

One of the most enjoyable parts about drinking wine is first displaying it. The lucky couple will likely be racking up lots of celebratory wine for their big day, so make sure they have somewhere sleek to store it in, like the StoreSmith Wine Storage Cart. It features three shelves, two regular and two locking wheels for stability, and detachable storage elements for both wine bottles and glasses. It comes in black, white and vintage bronze.

Customers loved that it was easy to put together and could be used to display more than just wine. Whether they're looking to store their new collection of glassware or that crate of wine, this is the gift they need.

Get the StoreSmith Wine Storage Cart from HSN for $79.95

9. For the couple that loves to party: JBL Flip 5

JBL speaker attached to a man with a backpack
Credit: Reviewed/Betsey Goldwasser

Best HSN wedding gifts: JBL Flip 5

Allow the newlyweds to bring the party wherever they go with our favorite top-rated portable Bluetooth speaker on the market right now. The JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth speaker is compact enough to fit into a water bottle holder on a bike, waterproof enough to withstand a pool party (it’s waterproof in up to three feet of water!), and powerful enough to last for 12 hours on a single charge. Its sound is even and smooth with plenty of booming bass.

HSN shoppers highly recommended this device, saying it packs a punch. If they love to jam out to some tunes during a camping trip, at a pool party, or just while relaxing at home, they'll love this portable speaker.

Get the JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker from HSN for $119.99

10. For the couple that cooks up a storm: Wolfgang Puck 13-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Wolfgang Puck pots with lids on wooden table
Credit: Wolfgang Puck

Best HSN wedding gifts: Wolfgang Puck set

As one of HSN’s top-selling products, the Wolfgang Puck 13-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set is a fan favorite for several reasons: it’s great for tossing, marinating, and storing thanks to the transparent lids and ability to nest into one another. The bowls—available in three sizes—feature silicone bases to avoid spills, and interior measuring marks for optimal recipe accuracy. The three bowls come with helpful kitchen tools like steel graters and a slicing blade.

“I am so happy with these bowls!” says one of its 1,200 reviews. “They are beautiful and so functional. The side handle is very convenient, and the lids are a bonus! It’s a wonderful set of bowls and I'm so happy with my purchase!"

Get the Wolfgang Puck 13-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set from HSN for $66.95

11. For the couple obsessed with sparking water: SodaStream

SodaStream next to bottles and packaging
Credit: SodaStream/HSN

Best HSN wedding gifts: SodaStream

No kitchen countertop is complete without a SodaStream that acts as a sustainable alternative to canned and bottled soda. The famed appliance will allow them to turn regular water into refreshing, fizzy flavored drinks of varying degrees of carbonation with the push of a button. The bundle comes with a 60-ounce cylinder, and blackberry and lime drops of which you can mix and match, as well as a BPA-free one-liter bottle.

Customers loved how easy to use this gadget was, as well as the multiple flavor combinations available. Whether they're looking to make a fun summer beverage or just stock up on sparkling water, they'll love this practical gift.

Get the SodaStream One-Touch Sparkling Water Maker Bundle from HSN for $149.99

12. For the couple who loves to bake: Curtis Stone Dura-Bake 3 Piece Mini Bakeware Set

Curtis Stone bakeware filled with cakes
Credit: Curtis Stone/HSN

Best gifts for women: Curtis Stone bakeware

If the way to someone’s heart is truly through their stomach, allow the new couple to bond over baked goods well into their marriage. This top-rated non-stick bakeware set from celebrity chef Curtis Stone contains a cookie sheet, a square pan, and a rectangular pan for all their baking and roasting needs. They come in four colors (like gold and turquoise) and are dishwasher-safe.

One reviewer shares why these pans make a great gift for newlyweds: “The quality of these baking pans is impressive. They don't stick. Period." They also went on to add that this is the "perfect gift for a small family" so your newlyweds will love it too.

Get the Curtis Stone Dura-Bake 3 Piece Mini Bakeware Set from HSN for $34.95

13. For the couple who can't go without cold coffee: KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

KitchenAid cold brew maker filled with coffee on a kitchen counter
Credit: KitchenAid

Best gifts for women: KitchenAid cold brew maker

Sure, love might be in the air, but so is the smell of freshly brewed cold brew. With the best-selling KitchenAid cold brew coffee maker, the happy couple can whip up their own cold brew by the 32-ounce batch, which is far more economical than buying it by the bottle. It comes in a glass and stainless-steel dispenser that's washable by hand and includes a carrying handle for easy portability.

“I love the KitchenAid Cold Brew Maker,” says one fan. “It’s simple to use, all the parts are easy to clean, and it’s very good quality (as is all KitchenAid) and it looks great in the fridge! I’ve had no issues leaking. I’m definitely glad I bought the XL because I make coffee at the beginning of the week and I’m good until the next.”

Get the KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker from HSN for $129.99

14. For the couple who hates cleaning: iRobot Roomba s9+

black/gold robot vacuum on wooden floors
Credit: iRobot

Best HSN wedding gifts: Roomba

iRobot’s latest Roomba has all the (wedding) bells and whistles a couple could possibly need to clean their home hassle-free. The Roomba s9+ uses dual multi-surface brushes and increased suction to clean dirt, debris and hair from stubborn areas like corners and baseboards. Better yet, it features a self-emptying cannister and self-mapping feature, allowing the new couple to focus on what really matters (each other!). Our experts call this Roomba model a great option for its ability to trap pollen and mold allergens.

Get the iRobot Roomba s9+ WiFi Connected Robot Vacuum from HSN for $1,099.99

15. For the health-conscious couple: Ninja Foodi 8-Quart 6-in-1 DualZone Air Fryer

woman cooking in kitchen next to an open air fryer with fried food
Credit: Ninja

Best HSN wedding gifts: Ninja air fryer

Allow the couple to save time and money by cooking restaurant-worthy meals at home with an air fryer, the appliance of the moment. The Ninja 6-in-1 air fryer has a capacity of eight quarts that split into two four-quart compartments, allowing you to cook two meals at once on different settings. It comes with two non-stick crisper plates, five kabab sticks, a chef-designed recipe book, and is equipped with six preset functions from air broil to roast and dehydrate. Customers said it was both easy to program and use, making it the perfect kitchen addition for newlyweds.

Get the Ninja Foodi 8-Quart 6-in-1 DualZone Air Fryer from HSN for $179.99

16. For the techie couple: Roku streambar

couple sitting on couch in front of TV
Credit: Roku

Best HSN wedding gifts: Roku soundbar

All newlyweds want to do is Roku and chill. And with the best-selling Roku Streambar, they’ll be hibernating in the TV room for days. The device allows you to stream directly from your iOS or Android in 4K resolution. As a great alternative to (often pricy) cable, The Roku Channel is loaded with movies, TV shows, and live news. It comes with a one-year LiveXLive membership, granting you free access to dozens of music festivals and concert live streams. If your newly married couple has an old TV lying around the house, the Roku stream bar is the perfect way to elevate it to a smart gadget.

Get the Roku Streambar 2-in-1 4K Streamer and Sound Bar with Voice Remote from HSN for $129.99

17. For the artsy couple: Cricut mug press bundle

Cricut crafter next to mugs and paint
Credit: Cricut

Best HSN wedding gifts: Cricut set

Instead of searching for the perfect personalized wedding gift, allow them to make one themselves. The Cricut mug press will let them to bedeck their specialized mugs with permanent transferable ink that are then dishwasher- and microwave-safe. The bundle includes three mugs, 52-feet of heat-resistant tape, and infusible ink transfer sheets in colors like cherry red and pink lemonade that use heat to permanently embed into the mug.

With a five-star rating, customers rave over how quickly the device produces artisan-worthy decorated mugs: “This product is as easy to use as it looks. It took longer for the mug to cool than it did for me to cut the image and have the press do its thing.”

Get the Cricut Mug Press Bundle from HSN for $214.95

18. For the couple with an extra-fluffy pet: Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner

women vacuuming beige rug in living room.
Credit: Hoover

Best HSN wedding gifts: Hoover vacuum

Pet owners often have to make cleaning a part-time job, but with this powerful Hoover carpet cleaner, they’ll get the job done in no time. A PowerSpin pet brush works to remove dirt, grime, and hair embedded into carpets and upholstery, HeatForce drying speeds up the task even further, and a dual water tank keeps clean and dirty water separate. Included is a highly concentrated cleaning solution with antimicrobial properties. At 13 pounds, it’s far lighter than most rental carpet cleaners.

“I am so happy with this!” said one five-star reviewer. “It’s lightweight and cleans extremely well! I love the fact that it’s such a powerhouse of a carpet cleaner.”

Get the Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner from HSN for $109.99

19. For the couple who's caught the travel bug: Samantha Brown 2-piece hardside spinner

Black and pink colored suitcase on white background
Credit: Samantha Brown/HSN

Best HSN wedding gifts: Suitcase

If they’re the type of couple with insatiable wanderlust, they’re going to need luggage that lasts. Reviewers loved this durable Samantha Brown hard side spinner that featured a variety of different interior pockets to tuck away hard-to-pack items. The 22-inch inch suitcase fits in overhead compartments as a carry-on (because who wants to pay those pesky checked bag fees?) and comes with a mat cosmetic case. Happy trails, lovebirds!

Get the Samantha Brown 2-piece Hardside Spinner for $55.41

20. For the couple with impressive chopping skills: Wolfgang Puck knife set

Assorted different shaped knives with red and blue hilts
Credit: Wolfgang Puck/HSN

Best HSN wedding gifts: Wolfgang Puck knives

Behind every successful home cook is a great set of knives. This comprehensive collection comes with a utility prep knife, a Nakiri knife, a scalloped utility knife, a ridged knife and a beveled slicing knife, which all come with sheaths for safe storage. Grippy handles ensure stability and precision, while a center bolster keeps hands away from the blade. They’re available in six stunning colors like pink and teal, all presented in a sleek gift box. Customers particularly loved how sharp yet safe to use these knives were, so you know you're gifting a quality product.

Get the Wolfgang Puck 10-piece High Carbon Stainless Steel Cutlery Set from HSN for $43.95

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