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Natural Gas

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If your home is fitted for natural gas, you may never have to buy charcoal or refill a propane tank again. Natural gas grills are perfect for the frequent grill chef and for owners of outdoor kitchens.

Just as natural gas is used for cooking indoors, it can also be used in an outdoor kitchen. Some propane grills come with a natural gas conversion kit, while other grills can be special-ordered with a regulator that's designed for natural gas. Usually, natural gas options or conversion kits add a few dollars to the total purchase price of the grill, but cleaner-burning and less expensive natural gas will pay back that cost with better-tasting food, lower fuel costs and fewer trips to swap out a propane tank.

Despite the convenience, there are some considerations when buying a natural gas grill. First, you'll have to hire a licensed plumber to install a gas line that can be connected to your grill, and that will cost money. Natural gas can be extremely dangerous, so don't even think about installing a gas line yourself if you're not licensed and trained. Second, once it's installed, you won't be able to move your grill while it's connected to a gas line. For this reason, you should consider getting a quick-connect hookup if you need to store your grill in winter, and also a remote shutoff switch so you can turn off your gas grill from afar in case of a fire.