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Over the past few years, a number of portable grills have hit the market. Though most of them are easy to transport, they do pose their own set of unique questions.

Does it come with a stand? If your grill isn't on a stand, it'll have to be put on a table or sit on the ground. Some stands are sold separately, while others come with the grill.

What kind of fuel does it take? Some grills take the same small bottles of propane used by camping stoves, while others -- such as the Weber Q -- use slightly smaller propane bottles normally fitted to blowtorches. These two styles of bottles aren't interchangeable, so make sure you know what kind you need before you cook!

Do I have enough space? Just because a grill can fit in a small space doesn't mean it's safe to put it close to a house or car. Most grill manufacturers recommend never placing a grill within 10 feet of a structure.