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Their latest offering is the 15,000 BTU All-Foods Roll Away, a portable gas grill with stand and a stainless steel exterior. Cuisinart envisions it as a secondary grill for owners of larger units, or as a primary grill for small backyards. With a stand included, it's aimed straight at competitors like the Weber Q and Coleman RoadTrip -- but with the Cuisinart name on the hood.

The All-Foods Roll Away debuted at a barbecue trade show earlier this year and made an appearance at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, where we got a chance to see it. It has an MSRP of $229.99 and is already available at some retailers.

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There's a single controller for the All-Foods Roll Away's single U-shaped burner. Turn it to start the flow of propane, light the burner and regulate temperature. A Cuisinart representative told us they've improved the regulator on this grill over previous models for better low temperature performance.

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The All-Foods Roll Away is designed to run off a one pound "blowtorch style" bottle of propane. It can be fitted with an adapter for larger propane tanks.

Turn the single control knob to light the burner. There's also a match holder for manual lighting.

The grill surface is a porcelain-enamel coated cast iron grate with two sides -- a flat surface for searing, and a raised surface for low-contact foods like chicken and fish.

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There's no warming area on this compact grill.

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Its possible to clean this grill with a traditional grill brush, since it has porcelain-enamel coated cast iron grates.

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We're looking forward to getting a Roll Away in our lab to perform detailed testing. Until then, we can only tell you what Cuisinart reps told us on the show floor in Chicago: 15,000 BTUs and a better regulator lead to better low and high temperature performance.

From the time we spent with it on the show floor in Chicago, the Roll Away appeared to be easy to maneuver and set up. The stand "pops up" for use and folds down for storage.

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