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The has an unusual and striking curved design, from the curve of the lid to the curved stand that holds the body. It is an interesting design that looks attractive and offers a good amount of grilling space for the size of the unit.

The was fairly quick to heat up, taking just under 5 minutes to reach our low fire temperature of 325°F and 10 minutes and 19 seconds to reach the high fire temperature of 625°F. That's a little slower than some other larger grills, but not by a huge margin.

We found that the did a decent job of cooking our test foods (a number of meat patties), cooking them all in just under nine minutes. That's a bit longer than some grills, but we did find good consistency here: the last patty to be ready took just 30 seconds longer than the first one. This means that your burgers should all be cooked at around the same time.

We also measure the variation in the temperature across the cooking grate, looking for any hot or cold spots. We didn't find any major issues here: the temperature was pretty even across the grate at the low fire setting, with variations of about 11% in the temperature.

It did vary quite a lot over time, though; we found rather wide variations over the 15 minutes of our test. That's a wider variation than we like to see

With the grill turned up to our high fire setting, we found equally good performance, with the grill cooking our test meat patties in about eight and a half minutes. The test patties were also ready at about the same time, with only 33 seconds between the first one being ready and the last one.

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The temperature across the grate was pretty even at this higher setting, with an 11% variation across the grate.

We found similar problems here as with the low fire setting, with variations over time that were wider than we like to see.

We measure the temperature of the handle and the body of the grill to make sure that it won't burn you. We found that the handle remained cool, only reaching a temperature of 125°F. The body of the grill got somewhat warmer though, reaching a rather hot 360°F.

The image below was taken with an infrared camera to show the heat levels of the lid. The numbers at the bottom indicate the temperature scale.

There are just two controls on the : a set of two dials to control the burners, and a single button for the lighter. These controls are a little confusing; it isn't clear at a glance which ones controls what (the left dial controls the center burner, while the right one works the outer burner). Both controls are easy to use, with a positive feel that you are unlikely to turn by accident.

The runs on propane gas. It is supplied with a regulator that fits onto a standard 20lb propane canister, which can be stored in the space underneath the grill. A cover fits over the gas canister to make it look a bit more attractive.

The lighter is triggered by the large red button on the left arm of the stand. We found that this was reliable, lighting the gas on the first try in the great majority of our tests.

The offers a decent amount of cooking space, with 393 square inches of grate space. There are two burners below it: one that runs the length of the grate in the center, and one that runs around the edge. This allows for both direct and indirect cooking.

The warming grate is rather small, offering just 98 square inches of space. It can be removed if not required.

There are two side areas on this grill in the form of two fold down wings. These provide a moderate amount of space; enough to hold two large plates for food before or after cooking. They fold up when not in use, which makes the grill difficult to move, as they provide no firm hand hold.

The grate is in two halves, which easily lift off for cleaning. A disposable grease trap is located on the bottom of the grill body, which can be easily removed and replaced.

A light on the handle can illuminate the cooking area when the lid is open, which is useful for telling when food is done.

We found that the offered good performance, with consistent cooking times, but with some variability in the temperatures that the grill produced over time.

The is an easy to use grill, but we did find the controls a little confusing. The fold-up side trays are also poorly designed, and make the grill difficult to move, as they provide no firm hand hold.

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