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  • Gaiam Yoga Block 2-Pack

  • Manduka Cork Yoga Block

  • Node Fitness Premium Yoga Brick

  • Amazon Basics Foam Yoga Blocks, Set of 2

  • Retrospec Sequoia Yoga Bolster

Product image of Gaiam Yoga Block 2-Pack
Gaiam Yoga Block 2-Pack

Gaiam is well regarded in the yogi community for its sleek and user-friendly yoga accessories, and its blocks are no exception. Coming in an extra-thick foam material, they’ll feel like clouds on your hands and feet no matter the pose. The two blocks are lined with a non-slip solution to help you feel extra grounded, and their beveled edges help you, quite literally, get a grip on your practice. They come in four pale colors that add a dash of levity to any home yoga studio.

It’s not hard to see why they’ve racked up nearly 20,000 reviews on Amazon. Customers say that even after daily use, the blocks remain nick-free and hold their shape. Keep in mind that many customers report a chemical smell the first few days, accompanied by a light film of dust. But airing them out and wiping them down with a damp cloth before use should solve that problem.


  • Lightweight

  • Non-slip coating

  • Easy to grip


  • A bit too soft

  • Initial chemical smell

Product image of Manduka Cork Yoga Block
Manduka Cork Yoga Block

Although the Manduka cork yoga block’s by no means the cheapest on this list, it is up there with the firmest. Thanks to a renewable fine-grain cork material that’s said to be more sustainable than foam, you get a harder surface that gives you an extra level of stability—and penetrates deeper into sore muscles, should you use it under your limbs in restorative poses. Its rounded edges help you latch onto the block comfortably, and its naturally textured surface provides the ample grip you need to stay grounded to the floor (or lifted in the air!).

Many reviewers love that they last “nearly forever,” though others gripe that they’re on the heavy side for yoga blocks at two and a half pounds each. This may be an issue if you plan to move the yoga blocks around frequently from room to room, but their extra weight might also prevent them from slipping around your mat like lighter foam blocks tend to do.


  • Made of renewable, sustainable cork

  • Super grippy

  • Extra firm


  • Only available in one color

  • Fairly heavy

Product image of Node Fitness Premium Yoga Brick
Node Fitness Premium Yoga Brick

At just two inches thick on its lowest side, Node Fitness makes a yoga block that’s equally suitable for beginners and for advanced practitioners. This flatter-than-usual block happens to be easy to store, stack, and transport, but that’s not its main draw. The brand says their “closed-cell technology” helps ward off odors and bacteria, which may be a serious plus if you tend to sweat buckets. It’s also made of a cushiony EVA foam material, features beveled edges for a gentler feel, and works perfectly as a posture-promoting seated riser during meditation.

While some customers note the yoga block does show scratches after a few months of regular use, others appreciate how lightweight it is, and how it serves as a happy compromise between standard four-inch blocks and going block-free.


  • Great for advanced practitioners

  • Beginner-friendly


  • Scratches easily

Product image of Amazon Basics Foam Yoga Blocks, Set of 2
Amazon Basics Foam Yoga Blocks, Set of 2

If you’re not looking for anything fancy—just a block of foam to stabilize you during balance poses or improve your alignment as a seat during meditation—this best-selling option might be your best bet. It’s made of grippy high-density foam, has a slip-proof surface to help you keep stable, and boasts rounded edges to promote comfort while you grip (for dear life, at times).

Many yoga instructors report using them for their own practices at home due to their superior shock absorption, while others note that they do compress down about an eighth of an inch if you lean your whole body weight into it, which might become a durability issue over time. But at just under $15 for the set of two, you’ll feel less of a sting if you ever need to add them to your cart again.


  • Extra affordable

  • Lightweight


  • Only one color option

  • Compresses slightly

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Product image of Retrospec Sequoia Yoga Bolster
Retrospec Sequoia Yoga Bolster

A block of foam or cork is extra welcome during a tough balancing pose, but how about a block filled with cushion for both support and comfort? This fan-favorite yoga block comes wrapped in a washable cover that’s made of 100% cotton, so you can ensure it’s squeaky clean (without sounding squeaky) after each use. Its cotton shell comes complete with a convenient handle to help you move it around with ease.

It comes in both rectangular and rounded form, the former of which is suitable for light stretches and balance poses; the latter is ideal for head support during Shavasana. And it comes in 16 unique colorways—from basil to blush—that are sure to enhance your yoga sanctuary.


  • Machine-washable cover

  • Extra soft and portable


  • Provides minimal support

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