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We went hands-on with this affordable, stylish wearable during the pre-show "CES Unveiled" event in Las Vegas. For those on a budget that still want their smart watch to—well—pop, the Activité Pop seems like a great solution.


The Activité Pop is available in a wide array of fun colors, and really doesn't look like a smart watch—which for many is most of the appeal.

The original Activité made waves during 2014 as the style-conscious buyer's answer to "wearable tech," a phrase that, for many, conjures images of Star Trek. Unfortunately, it wasn't an answer for many people: The original Activité's Swiss craftsmanship, leather band, and stainless steel filigree certainly looked impressive, but at $450 it was priced out of range of the average buyer.

Enter the Activité Pop, a $150 variant that provides the same fitness and sleep-tracking data analysis as the original, but cuts back on posh materials to achieve a much more budget-friendly price tag.

The Pop is pleasing to the eye, lightweight, and—best of all—lives up to the functionality of the original. The silicone strap is plenty comfortable, and smooth enough that you'll forget you have it on (especially important if you plan to wear it while you sleep). We must concede it's very attractive for a smart watch, and the face offers a good mix of high-visibility and aesthetic subtlety.


The Pop's silicone strap and mineral-grade glass make for a lightweight, comfortable fit.

As far as we can tell, the Activité smartphone app remains mostly unchanged from the original's functionality. The watch itself simultaneously tracks the time and activities you've set up in the app, reporting your progress throughout the day.

Credit: Withings

The Pop is available in three face colors and a huge variety of silicone strap colors.

The app can track how much sleep you've managed to get, how many steps you've taken, your weight, and even physical activity goals like cycling or swimming. There's also a dashboard where you can check progress over time, or how your goal completion compares to your friends (or rivals), assuming they have their own Activité.

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The Activité app tracks goals like the amount of sleep you get, or weight loss. This data might be wrong, though... nobody gets that much sleep during CES.

If you've been hankering to improve your health via the game-ified stat-tracking of smart wearables, the Activité Pop might offer the best combination of features, style, and affordability on the market. The Pop will be available immediately, sold exclusively at Best Buy stores.

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