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The Go is a half-dollar-sized activity tracker that can be placed into a colorful clip or a flexible wrist band. It is light and thin and automatically recognizes and tracks all the basics—including walking, running, swimming, and sleeping.

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The Go works with the Withings Health Mate app, which allows you to set a personal step goal and watch your progress toward that goal on the Go's e-ink display. If you push down on the tracker—which requires a little more pressure than we'd like—the display will switch to an analog watch face for a few seconds. Hold the tracker down for seven seconds and you can inverse the display from a grey background to black.

You can attach the Go to a wristband, but the band feels overly flimsy to us—too thin to give us confidence that it would stay securely fastened for long. You can also attach the Go to your clothing using a clip. The clip feels a little more solid, but we aren't entirely convinced that it would stay put during a lengthy stint of vigorous activity.

Overall, the Go just seems like a cheaper version of the Withings Activité—one that leaves something to be desired in robustness and detail. It is, however, remarkably lightweight, with a nice e-Ink display and a battery life of almost 8 months. It will be available for purchase in March 2016.

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