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This wearable stops nausea dead in its tracks

A shock of the wrist can help get rid of nausea

The Reliefband Neurowave uses electrical impulses to help cure nausea. Credit: / Jonathan Chan

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Maybe it was a bad smell, a bumpy car ride, or too much time wearing a VR headset, but we all experience the uncontrollable urge to vomit at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, for some of us, that feeling happens everyday.

The Reliefband Neurowave is a drug-free wristband designed to alleviate nausea in those deeply impacted by it. The underlying technology is FDA-cleared, meaning it's similar to devices that are heavily vetted by the administration. The Reliefband works by wrapping around your wrist, and sending impulses along the median nerve, blocking signals from an upset stomach.

When I tried it on, the impulses did not hurt. They felt like someone rapidly tapping on my wrist and palm. The device has ten settings, and after dialing it up to the max, the sensation got no worse than a tingling.

After perusing Amazon reviews for the previous Reliefband model, I warmed up to the idea. I don't really get motion sickness, but I do suffer from bouts of nausea when I get migraines. The idea of a near-instant cure is very appealing, as I'm sure it is to expectant mothers, suffering morning sickness.

There's also the added bonus of this being a drug-free solution. Many anti-nausea drugs have side effects, like drowsiness. If you're looking for a reprieve from a churning stomach while playing video games, here is a solution that won't dim your skills.

The Reliefband Neurowave will be available for purchase in early Q2, and cost around $150. That's pretty pricey compared to more conventional cures, but it may be well worth it for those who suffer from nausea daily.

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