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TempTraq Helps Keep Your Baby's Health on Track

Take your baby's temperature with... a sticker?


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This week at CES Unveiled, Blue Spark Technologies' TempTraq publicly entered the wearable market. TempTraq strays away from the prevalent wrist-wearable norm, taking the wearable in a new, sticky direction.

The TempTraq patch is a soft, thin sticker the size of a business card that can be placed under a baby's armpit to record its temperature continuously for 24 hours. The patch uses bluetooth to send the data to a smartphone app, which then allows parents to view a graph of the baby's temperature in real time and add time-stamped notes about medicine or food intake. The data can also be emailed in .csv format to a health care professional or other caretaker from within the app. Parents can opt to receive alerts if the baby's temperature rises or falls to a certain degree.

TempTraq patches are disposable; pushing a small button turns the device on, then the battery lasts just 24 hours. Once the battery runs out, the patch can be thrown away and a new one applied if necessary. The sticky backing is latex-free with a firm grip similar to that of a Band-Aid.

TempTraq is on track for FDA approval, so pricing information is not yet available. However, Blue Spark Technologies confirmed that TempTraq will be affordable. It is expected to start shipping out later this year.

We had the opportunity to handle the TempTraq patch and its corresponding app at CES Unveiled, and we were impressed by the clever design. It is a great use of low-energy bluetooth technology packaged in a unique way that solves a problem, namely that monitoring the temperature of a sick baby can be a source of stress for both the caregiver and the baby. Being able to apply a simple sticker and have continuous, 24-hour temperature monitoring should remove some of that stress.

TempTraq patches are not bulky—they are about as thick as a quarter—and are made from a material that is soft and baby-friendly. The only catch is that while the patch is quite sticky, we would suggest parents take care when using it with older babies, as an enterprising toddler might be able to pull the sticker off.

Overall, we are quite excited about TempTraq and will look forward to seeing it on the market after it receives FDA approval.