The Best Bath Mats of 2019

By Kori Perten, November 21, 2018, Updated January 02, 2019

Bath mats are a product you might be tempted to take for granted—until the first time you step out of a hot shower and drip all over your cold, slippery bathroom floor. Yikes! A good bath mat, like our favorite Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Mat (available at Amazon), should prevent you from slipping, creating puddles, or hissing with discomfort as your poor feet come into contact with chilly tiles. That’s why we made sure to thoroughly test ten top mats until we’d found the best ones of all.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy rug to stand on while you brush your teeth or hoping for a thick mat to save the floor from your dripping post-shower hair, you’ll likely use your bath mat every day—which is why it’s extra important to have the best one out there. We tried them out for you by stepping onto them after countless showers, using them to sop up puddled water, and even evaluating how quickly they dried. After hours of testing, we finally found a mat soft, cushy, and absorbent enough to earn the title of Best Overall—and a place of honor on your bathroom floor.

These are the best bath mats we tested ranked, in order:

  1. Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Mat
  2. AmazonBasics Banded Bath Mat
  3. Momentum Home Modern Bath Premium Bathroom Rug
  4. Wamsutta Duet 20-Inch x 34-Inch Bath Rug
  5. Vdomus Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat
  6. Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat
  7. Magnificent Large Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat
  8. Lifewit Non Slip Microfiber Shaggy Chenille Bath Mat
  9. Lands’ End Supima Bath Rug
  10. ToiletTree Products Bamboo Shower Floor and Bath Mat
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Updated January 02, 2019

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GorillaGrip bath mat Best Overall
Credit: / Kori Perten

Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Mat

Product Image - Gorilla Grip Original Bath Rug (30" x 20")
  • Editors' Choice

Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Mat

Best Overall

The ideal bath mat is the kind you don’t really have to think about, which makes Gorilla Grip’s offering an obvious choice. It’s a soft rug to step on, but not so plush that a little water gives it a matted, tangled look. It’s also ultra-absorbent to the point where it can soak up a spilled cup of water in about ten seconds, which means any dripped water will go into the mat, rather than into the grout between your floor tiles.

The Gorilla Grip mat is available in a 20 different colors from black to light pink, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bathroom decor scheme that it can’t fit. And while we tested the 30 x 20 version, it actually comes in two other sizes (24 x 17 and 44 x 26), as well as a U-shaped version designed to fit around a toilet. We’d happily use this on a daily basis, especially since at just over $15 for the 30 x 20 mat, it’s barely pricier than our best value pick.

AmazonBasics bath mat Best Value
Credit: / Kori Perten

AmazonBasics Banded Bath Mat

Product Image - AmazonBasics Banded Bath Mat
  • Editors' Choice

Where To Buy

$11.99 Amazon Buy

AmazonBasics Banded Bath Mat

Best Value

This AmazonBasics mat is exactly what you’d expect—basic. It’s soft enough on the feet, though pretty thin, so you might prefer to use it as a post-bath supplement to a plushier mat rather than a permanent floor cover. That said, it’s inexpensive and so ridiculously absorbent that I ended up using it during testing to clean excess water off the floor. Hang it to dry when you need to, and chuck it in the washing machine when it gets grimy. Easy.

There's something to be said for a more substantial mat, which the AmazonBasics mat is not. It's no luxury floor rug—if you want luxury, try the Gorilla Grip mat or perhaps even a memory foam offering like Genteele. But if cheap, slightly flimsy simplicity works for you, this cotton mat sure will. It comes in just one size (20 x 31) and a few subdued color options (black, grey, navy blue, and white). For just over $10, it's a bargain.

How We Tested

The Tester

I’m Kori, former Home & Outdoors Editor at Reviewed and generally clean human. I keep clean by showering every morning, which means a bath mat plays a key role in my daily routine.

Over the years, I’ve stood on gross, thin mats (Dear Ex-Boyfriend, please replace yours) and luxuriously comfy ones. Once I forced my roommates to replace a worn out bath mat with one I thought would be great—and it would’ve been had I bothered to check the size of the mat before ordering, as it was like standing on a very fuzzy postage stamp. I can assure you that none of the mats featured in this roundup are postage stamp-sized.

The Tests

Momentum mat on scale
Credit: / Kori Perten

I weighed each mat before and after I got it wet to see how much water it absorbed.

I took more than one shower a day for the duration of testing. Each mat was used in conjunction with two showers, so I could be sure my impressions of comfort and sliding were entirely accurate. In addition to noting how each mat felt underfoot, I also weighed the mats before and after showering to see how much water weight they took on. I then hung the mats to dry, checking at the four hour mark to see if they were still sopping or only moderately damp.

In addition, each mat was placed on top of one cup’s worth of spilled water. After ten seconds, I picked up the mat to see how well it had soaked up the puddle. As a last step, I washed every machine washable mat (which was every mat except for the bamboo ToiletTree mat) and checked if it had any effect on shedding.

Bamboo mat with water
Credit: / Kori Perten

The bamboo mat wasn't very absorbent, so water sat on top of the wood.

What You Should Know About Bath Mats

When it comes to bath mats, there are three main categories of mat: Woven, wooden, and memory foam. Woven mats can be cotton or synthetic, and while it's not a hard and fast rule, synthetic typically dries more quickly than cotton. Cotton has the ability to be more absorbent and hold up nicely in the wash, though, so there's no need to rule it out just yet. Wooden mats are a whole different kind of beast, not intended to be soft, cozy, or absorbent. Memory foam mats, on the other hand, create a lot of supportive cushion between your feet and the floor, but they also don't absorb water very well and tend to stay wet for a while.

You'll probably want your mat to be machine washable. This shouldn't be hard to find, as every fabric mat we tested could go in the washing machine, but definitely double check the washing instructions before you choose a mat for purchase. Most mats we tested also had a non-skid design or coating underneath, which also tends to be pretty important. You definitely don't want to slip and hurt yourself because you bought the wrong bath mat!

Finally, size does matter, so measure your bathroom before you go shopping. You want to get a mat that fits nicely next to the tub or in front of the sink, but take care that there's plenty of room for the door to swing open and shut. Some of the taller mats can block the movement of the door, so definitely be thoughtful about placing taller mats further away from the door, or about choosing thinner mats.

What else goes into a good bath mat? Well, it should be able to absorb spills or drips quite effectively while also managing to stay dry between showers. It should also be comfortable to stand on, affordable, attractive, and available in a number of sizes and colors so that you can match it to your home. Everything else just boils down to personal preference.

Other Bath Mats We Tested

Momentum Home Modern Bath Premium Bathroom Rug

Product Image - Momentum Home Shag Bath Mat (24" x 40")

Momentum Home Modern Bath Premium Bathroom Rug

This was moderately fluffier and slightly quicker to dry than our winning mat, but it was also far less absorbent and cost about twice as much. It’s still a great choice, especially if you want your mat to dry more quickly—just know that the reason for the shorter dry time is that it doesn’t soak up as much water in the first place.

The mat is made of soft microfiber bristles, which feel cozy on the feet. It's safe to throw in the washing machine, though you'll have to let it dry flat or on a clothing line. It's a solidly good mat and there's no denying it, but since it has a $30 + price tag, you could buy a few of our favorite Gorilla Grip mats for about the same amount of cash.

Wamsutta Duet 20-Inch x 34-Inch Bath Rug

Product Image - Wamsutta Duet Bath Rug (20" x 34")

Wamsutta Duet 20-Inch x 34-Inch Bath Rug

My feet loved this mat the most, thanks to its soft, fuzzy texture. In my notes, I admitted that I’d use it again for that reason alone. However, when I tried to use it to soak up spilled water, it was ineffective. I also noticed it was unraveling a bit around the edges, which didn’t make me terribly optimistic about its lifespan.

According to the reviews on Bed, Bath, and Beyond, the rug sheds "like crazy." I can't say I noticed this happening either before or after I washed the mat, so perhaps it's luck of the draw on that front. I do think that of all the mats I tested, this one would be the most likely to shed, as it does seem to have longer fibers, but I absolutely didn't witness this happening.

Grab one of these if you want the softest mat in the bunch, or if you want a mat from an established line that has many other options for matching rugs meant to fit on the floor, around toilets, and even on top of the lid to the toilet.

Vdomus Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat

Product Image - Vdomus Microfiber Shag Bath Rug (32" x 20")

Vdomus Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat

This bath mat is fine, but it’s nothing special. There are comfier mats to situate beneath your feet, as well as more absorbent ones—the Vdomus picked up some water, but still left a minor puddle on the floor. You won’t hate it, but you won’t love it either.

The real reason to steer clear of the Vdomus—which, again, really isn't bad—is that visually it looks very similar to both the Gorilla Grip and Momentum mats, yet it performed worse than both in our testing. I'm not sure why you'd want to get a less-good version of the same kind of mat.

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

Product Image - Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat (17" X 24")

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

If you really want that velvety, cushiony memory foam feel, Genteele is probably what you’re looking for. It’s certainly lovely to step on when dry, though any dampness renders it pretty icky to come into contact with... not that it even absorbs very much water. It also came folded in two, and I found the crease difficult to get rid of, which made it visually unappealing for a while. That said, it provides a whole lot of cushion between your soles and the floor. Also, a little caution for those too lazy to research dimensions—the smallest version (17 x 24) feels really small for a post-shower space. The 20 x 32 mat might be a better bet.

If you've never had a memory foam bath mat, you should know that you'll probably either love it or hate it, but you're unlikely to feel ambivalent. If you love it, you'll love it for the supportive, springy cushion laid between your feet and the floor, as well as for the velvety texture. If you hate it, it will be due to the unpleasant squishiness of damp memory foam, though of course it will dry eventually.

Magnificent Large Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat

Product Image - Magnificent Memory Foam Bath Mat (20" x 32")

Magnificent Large Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat

Magnificent’s memory foam mat had the same score as the Genteele, and it’s not hard to see why. The two are pretty comparable, though the Magnificent has a bunch of horizontal seams (unattractive), comes only in a 20 x 32 size, and only has two color options.

That makes the Magnificent mat good and less good in the exact same ways as the Genteele. It provides a really top notch cushion that's supportive of your feet, but also doesn't do a good job absorbing water. It's a bit gross when wet. If you want memory foam, the Genteele and Magnificent mats are so similar that it really just comes down to which one you prefer the look of.

Lifewit Non Slip Microfiber Shaggy Chenille Bath Mat

Product Image - Lifewit Non Slip Microfiber Shaggy Chenille Bath Rug (20" x 30")

Lifewit Non Slip Microfiber Shaggy Chenille Bath Mat

Lifewit’s mat is fine. It was neither good nor bad in terms of softness and cushiness. My feet weren't unhappy, but I also didn't feel pampered. A bigger concern is that the mat doesn’t absorb much water. This means that it dries faster than some of the more absorbent mats, but the floor remains wetter than ideal.

Color choices aren't exactly inspired either—you can choose between white or grey. On Amazon, you can get a single 32 x 20 mat, a two-pack, or a pack that contains one 30 x 20 mat and one 59 x 20 mat. The later comes only in grey.

Lands’ End Supima Bath Rug

Product Image - Lands' End Supima Non-Skid Small Bath Rug (16" x 23")

Lands’ End Supima Bath Rug

I was surprised to find I didn’t like this Land’s End bath mat very much. It didn’t soak up much water, which would've been marginally more acceptable if it also dried quickly, but unfortunately it stayed wet to the touch for hours after my shower. It was okay to stand on, but I wasn't blown away with comfort.

Here's what the Supima mat did have going for it—12 tasteful color options and a slightly thicker tread than you'd expect. It also comes in three different sizes, plus one shaped to fit around a sink or toilet. Still, this isn't enough to make up for the fact that it just doesn't work very well. If your mat doesn't absorb water, dry quickly, or offer much physical comfort, what's even the point?

ToiletTree Products Bamboo Shower Floor and Bath Mat

Product Image - ToiletTree Bamboo Bath Mat

ToiletTree Products Bamboo Shower Floor and Bath Mat

If you buy the ToiletTree mat, it has to be because you specifically want a bamboo mat. Buy it for any other reason and you’ll be disappointed. When I stepped onto it after a shower, it felt slippery, hard, and a little cold under my feet. It doesn’t soak up any water, which pooled under the mat after use. Water also puddles on top of the bamboo if you don’t do anything to get rid of it.

That said, if you're looking specifically for a bamboo bath mat, you probably understand that it won't do what a fabric one does. I can't deny that this mat made my bathroom look very spa-like, though I'd prefer something softer, but you do you! Apparently the mat can be used inside the shower instead of just outside, though some Amazon reviews reported that the wood eventually began to rot, which makes it sound safer to keep the mat for post-shower use.

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