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  • Townhouse Mail Boss

  • Architectural Mailboxes Beachy

  • Gibraltar Woodlands Wall Mount Mailbox

  • Whitehall Wall Mailbox

  • Barska Locking Wall Mount Mailbox (Large)

  • Decaller Wall Mounted Mailbox w/ Newspaper Compartment

Townhouse Mail Boss

The Mail Boss 7172 is the Cadillac of wall-mounted mailboxes, with a heavy, sturdy design that securely locks and features plenty of neat extras. It has a large capacity, and even has a clip and signal to let you easily send outgoing mail—something almost no other wall-mounted mailbox offered.

From a design perspective it’s fairly basic, but if you want a high-end wall-mounted mailbox that will hold up to abuse, it’s the way to go. Reviewers were particularly impressed with the locking mechanism, which was extremely difficult to pry open even with a crowbar, unlike many other boxes we’ve looked at.


  • Locks

  • Medium-sized capacity

  • Sturdy, stylish steel design


  • Heavy

  • Won’t fit packages

  • Large size may not fit all spaces

Architectural Mailboxes Beachy

The Architectural Mailboxes “Frank Lloyd Wright” mailbox is a stylish box that comes in an array of colors, though we’re particularly fond of the rubbed bronze option. It should fit homes that are looking for a large capacity, locking mailbox but want something with just a touch of extra design that the other picks on this list may lack.

The one hangup here is the relatively small capacity, which is meant more for mailers and letters than magazines or larger newspapers. If you tend to empty your mail frequently, this should work just fine.


  • Stylish steel design

  • Locks with key

  • Secure design


  • Capacity isn’t huge

  • No space for magazines

Gibraltar Woodlands Wall Mount Mailbox

The Gibraltor Mailboxes Woodland Medium mailbox is a good option for anyone that doesn’t need a locking lid. Because it doesn’t lock, the lid can open fully and accommodate much larger types of mail, including all your magazines, newspapers, and even small packages. The lid can be a bit wonky and it’s not the sturdiest mailbox, but it’s a good option if you want a simple place to store your mail and grab quickly without forcing your mail carrier to dump your magazines on your doorstep.


  • Big opening for small packages

  • Sturdy steel design

  • Stylish


  • Doesn’t lock

  • Lid doesn’t always sit securely

Whitehall Wall Mailbox

The Whitehall Products mailbox is one of the few white wall-mounted mailboxes we found, which is a perfect fit if you want to keep a bright and airy look to the front of your house. It’s securely built with a large opening that can easily fit thicker parcels like magazines and big envelopes. It even has a removable backplate that one clever reviewer took advantage of, installing it so it can be emptied from inside their home.


  • Stylish aluminum design

  • Large mail slot for envelopes

  • Locks with key


  • Mounts best to flat surfaces

  • Large slot could be security risk

Barska Locking Wall Mount Mailbox (Large)

The Barksa CB13254 Large Mailbox looks vastly different from the other boxes that we found, with a rounded shape that still provides a large capacity to hold plenty of mail. It has a large opening slot, accommodating all types of mail, and it securely locks with the included keys. It’s a great alternative if you want a large capacity mailbox that doesn’t look like every other box on the street.


  • Stylish modern design

  • Large capacity can hold lots of mail

  • Locks with key


  • No slot for outgoing mail

  • Large slot could be security risk

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Decaller Wall Mounted Mailbox w/ Newspaper Compartment

The Decaller Metal wall-mounted mailboxes are perfect if you want a wide range of options when picking your mailbox. Though most of the designs are the same underneath—featuring a decent-sized capacity, galvanized steel construction, and a key-opened lock—this box is available in designs that run the gamut from traditional to modern, with silver, white, gray, bronze, and black colors.

The top-facing mail slot can accommodate most types of mail without being so large that you can just fish the mail right back out again. It’s an excellent all-around choice if you’re looking for a stylish alternative that has most of the core features that we were looking for.


  • Large stylish designs

  • Locks with key

  • Large newspaper/magazine holder on bottom


  • No slot for outgoing mail

  • Lid needs space to open up

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