The Best Bike Racks of 2019

By Kevin Oliver, October 26, 2018, Updated January 02, 2019

Whether you’re using your bike for recreation, exercise, or simply transportation, the old two-wheeler can be a fun and useful part of your everyday life. They can also junk up a clean garage in a hurry.

To help alleviate this problem, we’ve found the very best in garage bike racks for the modern cyclist. After weeks of diligent research and extensive use, we’ve determined that the Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack (available at Amazon) is the best garage bike rack on the market due to its build quality, ease of assembly, and versatility.

However, we tested many other bike racks of varying designs and prices that are worth checking out. Here are the best bike racks ranked, in order:

  1. Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack (3 Capacity)
  2. Dirza Bike Hook Storage System
  3. CyclingDeal 5 Bike Bicycle Floor Stand
  4. Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand
  5. TidyGarage Hanging Bicycle Rack
  6. Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Hanger
  7. Gladiator GarageWorks Claw Bike Storage
  8. Proslat 13028 Vertical Bike Hook
  9. Flow Wall Vertical Bike Hook
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Updated January 02, 2019

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Monkey Best Overall
Credit: Reviewed / Kevin Oliver

Monkey Bars 3 Bike Storage Rack

Product Image - Monkey Bars 3 Bike Storage Rack
  • Editors' Choice

Monkey Bars 3 Bike Storage Rack

Best Overall

The best bike rack we researched, assembled, and tested, is the Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack. The 3 bike capacity rack, which is also available in 4 and 6 bike capacities, offers unrivaled quality, weight capacity, and ease of use. Let’s dive in and find out all the reasons why the Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack is the best garage rack money can buy.

For starters, the rack is rock solid. Made from industrial strength steel and powder-coated, this rack can take a surprising amount of abuse from day-to-day usage. Installation on this bike rack only took roughly 20 minutes, while assembly only consisted of sliding the three hooks into position. The bar’s design and high-quality materials allow each individual hook to hold up to 75 pounds, or 225 pounds on the entire bar, making it the strongest bike storage systems we tested.

In our subjective testing, we found this bike rack simple and easy to use, with the sliding function of the hooks adding customization that other products lacked. Like any hook-based system, the Monkey Bars rack required us to hoist the bike to its resting place, which wasn’t always ideal after a long exercise, but that’s to be expected for storage systems of this design.

On top of it all, the 3 bike rack is currently on sale on Amazon for around $70, making it a surprisingly good value for anyone in need of storing multiple bikes. In the end, the unique design, top-grade materials, ease of assembly, and overall value made the Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack the clear choice for best garage bike rack. If you’re looking for a mount that can handle some serious weight, look no further than the Monkey Bars system.

Dirza Best Value
Credit: Reviewed / Kevin Oliver

Dirza Wall Mount Bike Hanger

Product Image - Dirza Wall Mount Bike Hanger
  • Editors' Choice

Dirza Wall Mount Bike Hanger

Best Value

While there are many affordable options for garage bike storage, the Dirza Bike Hook is simply the most effective of its price range. Its pre-assembled design offers a sturdy metal frame and a metal hook encased in rubber. Installation was quick and easy; the process was simply mounting the hook on a wall stud. The hook is lightweight holds up to 65 pounds, which is adequate for most bike types on the market. In our daily usage, the hook held up to constant tugging and pulling when taking the bike on and off and never faltered in holding the weight we set on it.

The only potential issue we found with the Dirza was that the accompanying installation screws weren’t quite as substantial as the storage hook itself. For a rock-solid installation, you may want to provide your own hardware. That being said, at under the $15, the Dirza bike storage system remains an incredible value.

All in all, the Dirza Bike Hook is highly effective bike mount with a surprising weight capacity, especially for the price point. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but if you’re looking for an affordable way to organize and store your bicycles, there’s simply no better value than the Dirza Bike Hook Storage System.
Other Great Bike Racks

How We Tested

To find the best garage bike rack on the market, we started by doing in-depth research into the various products currently available on the market. With such a wide range of designs and price points, we whittled our choices down to bike racks and stands under $100. We took into account that the various designs deliberately served different purposes and did our best to weigh those variables out in the process.

Once we received the products, we dove into the assembly and installation process, carefully noting everything from the hardware quality to how easy the instructions were to follow. We also took note of any special framing or hardware sold separately in order to properly use the product and adjusted our testing accordingly.

The most important part of our testing was actually using these bike racks. After assembly and installation, we used these bike racks both before and after exercise to determine how easy or difficult storing and removing a bike would be for the average cyclist. This also gave us the opportunity to determine the overall build quality and longevity of each bike rack with more accuracy. All in all, we covered our bases in the testing process and feel confident that we’ve determine the best garage bike storage systems on the market.

The Tester

My name is Kevin Oliver and I’ve been honored to work as a reviewer for a wide swath of illustrious sites, including Reviewed, BGR, Freshome, The Simple Dollar, and TechRadar. Like many people, I enjoy bicycling for both recreation and exercise -- and like almost all bike owners, I know how quickly a few bikes and clutter up a tight garage space. To be clear, you won’t be seeing me on the Tour De France anytime soon. This review was written from the perspective of an amateur, yet active cyclist who saw the need and everyday application of a good bike rack, which to me, was just the viewpoint this review needed.

Given my practical experience and need in this area, paired with my extensive reviewing experience and history with the wonderful team at Reviewed, I felt I was just the right person to give this the rigor and focus it deserved.

The Tests

The first thing we do is assess the assembly and installation process of the bike rack. We check everything from hardware quality to how easy it is to follow the instructions. The next step is actually using the bike rack. This is where we determine how easy or difficult it is to store or remove the bike. This is done before exercise and after, as we're trying to simulate the experience of an average cyclist. We also take into account build quality and longevity as well as special framing.

What You Should Know About Bike Racks

A bike rack can be a simple and effective way to revamp your garage space and get your cycling gear organized and out of the way. But to get the most out of your bike rack, you’ll need to find the one that best suits your needs. In our review, we cover a wide range of bike racks, primarily wall and ceiling mounted bike racks, as well as some racks that rest on the floor. Each of these serves a unique purpose in bike storage and can be highly effective in the right situation, or highly frustrating in the wrong situation. Let’s quickly cover the points you need to know about the different types of bike racks.

If you’ve decided that a mounted bike rack, either wall or ceiling, is the best way to go for your situation, there are a few things to consider. First off, if you have multiple bikes that need storing, you can either go with a multi-bike rack or simply by multiple single-bike hooks. Obviously, multiple single hooks offers the most customization, but it also requires the most assembly and installation. Regardless of the design you choose, it’s critical to take note installation instructions included with the bike rack Almost all of the ones we reviewed required being placed on a wall stud, while some required being put on the heaviest, load-bearing section of the garage. Taking your time and installing correctly can save a lot of time, money, and headaches down the road.

If you’d rather opt for a less invasive option, floor stands can offer organization without all the permanent installation. These stands are perfect for parking your bike in after usage since they aren’t as elevated as a wall mounted rack. The biggest downside and thing to consider with a floor option is that they don’t clear up as much floor space as the mounted racks. If you need to get the bikes off the ground, we recommend looking into the mounted bike rack options. However, if you’re just looking for an easy to use organizational tool, a floor-based bike rack option may be for you.

Other Bike Racks We Tested

CyclingDeal 5 Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand

Product Image - CyclingDeal 5 Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand

CyclingDeal 5 Bike Bicycle Floor Parking Rack Storage Stand

For those without garage access, or simply for those who aren’t looking to break out the stud finder and drill holes in your garage, the 5 Bike Floor Stand from CyclingDeal is the best floor bike rack on the market.

This customizable floor stand can be configured for anything from 1 to 5 spots for bike parking, making it amongst the most flexible bike racks we reviewed. The material isn’t quite as heavy duty as our top pick, but this stand isn’t having to carry the same load. For what it is, the CyclingDeal rack is surprisingly sturdy and stood up to constant use. It should be noted that because of its design, the manufacturer

By virtue of its design, this bike had some noticeable pros and cons. On the positive side, this stand was by far the easiest to maneuver a bike in and out of, especially after a long ride. On the negative side, this stand still takes up a fair amount of ground space, so if you’re looking to clear that garage floor, this may not be the best design for you.

As for assembly and installation, the floor stand arrived as a large box filled with many pieces -- which can be daunting as a consumer. However, each piece of the frame snapped together surprisingly quick and the rest of the assembly was completed with the hardware included. All told, assembly only took about 15 minutes.

At the end of the day, this stands appeal will completely depend on your need. If you’re looking to clear up floor space and open up your garage, you may want to look back at our top pick. However, if you’re not trying to elevate your bikes -- or if you’d prefer a floor stand -- the CyclingDeal 5 Bike Floor Stand is the best one available.

Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Storage Rack

Product Image - Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Storage Rack

Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Storage Rack

Like our top floor stand pick, the Delta Cycle Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Stand (that’s a mouthful, isn’t it?) offers a non-invasive option for bike storage—other than a small wall attachment at the top. This bike stand stands at nearly seven feet tall and can hold a maximum weight of 80 pounds, making it the biggest, and one of the stronger bike stands we compared.

Assembly for the Gravity Stand took a bit longer than the others -- about 30 minutes -- but wasn’t complicated at all. With clear directions and good parts included, the bike rack was ready to use immediately after assembly and installation. This bike stand holds bikes at a horizontal angle rather than vertical, which is very helpful for putting the bike up after a long ride. In our weeks of testing, this stand proved to be as reliable as any of the stands we tested and never faltered under the stress we put on it.

In a lot of ways, the Gravity Stand is the best of both worlds -- being a non-invasive, floor-based stand that still gets your bikes up of the ground. Although it seems a bit oversized and complicated to assemble at first, the Delta Cycle Gravity Stand is actually a well-designed and reliable option for anyone in the market for a bike stand.

TidyGarage Hanging Bicycle Rack

Product Image - TidyGarage Hanging Bicycle Rack

TidyGarage Hanging Bicycle Rack

The TidyGarage Hanging Bicycle Rack is constructed from powder-coated steel and can hold 4 bikes at once on movable hooks. The hooks on the TidyGarage must be screwed into the desired spot, with hardware to reinforce them, making it less convenient and malleable than the sliding hook mechansim on the Monkey Bars rack. Still, the versatility and additional space offered are not to be understated.

Assembly and installation took the same amount of time as our top overall pick -- roughly 20 minutes -- and never faltered during our testing. Although TidyGarage doesn’t specify the exact weight capacity of each hook, it stood up to every test we threw at it, while never feeling quite as sturdy as our top overall pick. Like the other vertical hook-based storage systems we tested, there’s the additional annoyance of having to hoist the bike into position after using it, but this is only a minor inconvenience overall. As for cost, this bike rack is currently listed for around $50, including shipping and handling, making it more affordable than our top pick.

All in all, the TidyGarage Hanging Bicycle Rack is a versatile hook bike storage system that is well built, affordable, and very similar to the Monkey Bars Bike Storage Rack. Although this 4 bike capacity rack fell short of our top overall pick, it should definitely still be in consideration for organizing your garage.

Ibera Adjustable Bicycle Wall Hanger

Product Image - Ibera Adjustable Bicycle Wall Hanger

Ibera Adjustable Bicycle Wall Hanger

The Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Hanger uses two padded arms to hold a bike up to 39 pounds in its natural horizontal position. While that may not make much of a difference of the bike itself, it’s certainly a helpful design after a long bike ride when we often didn’t exactly feel like hoisting our bike up to a vertical hook. As an aside, the horizontal orientation is much more aesthetically pleasing for those who want to clean up their garage and make it look good in the process.

The build quality is sturdy, requiring minimum pieces and installation. The most important installation quirk we noticed with the Ibera is that because of the way it holds the weight of a bike, it can really only work on the strongest walls and materials. This drawback, as well as its relatively limited weight capacity, kept it from being in the running for our top spot, but the Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Hanger is still an excellent bike mount that’s simple to install, easy to use, and stylish all at the same time.

Gladiator Claw Ceiling Mount Bike Hook

Product Image - Gladiator Claw Ceiling Mount Bike Hook

Gladiator Claw Ceiling Mount Bike Hook

Like the Ibera, the Gladiator GarageWorks Claw is unique compared to the other mounts we compared. Unlike the Ibera, this bike storage system is a vertical mount that’s designed to be attached to the ceiling of your garage. The claw is remarkably simple in design, requiring only a few screws for secure attachment and no assembly out of the box. In practical usage, the Gladiator itself is well-designed for ease, offering a large push button to lock and release the claw with the tire of your bike. However, because of it being a ceiling attachment, storing bikes on the Gladiator was more difficult than the other storage systems we compared, especially with heavy bicycles. Because of this, some may find it preferable to use the Gladiator for long-term storage, rather than for day-to-day use.

Regardless, the Gladiator offers a smart and lightweight design, simple installation, and a weight capacity of 50 pounds, making it one of the best bike storage systems money can buy.

Proslat Vertical Bike Hook

Product Image - Proslat Vertical Bike Hook

Proslat Vertical Bike Hook

The Proslat 13028 Vertical Bike Hook is a hook system -- the box includes two hooks -- that is made of heavy-duty steel and a rubber-coated hook. Each hook is rated to hold up to 75 pounds, making it one of the strongest bike storage hooks we compared in this review. However, the major limitation on the Proslat hook is that it is specifically engineered to work with Proslat Slatwall panels, which are sold separately and necessary for using the hooks properly. Since we didn’t have access to Slatwall panels for the purpose of the review, we had to install these hooks on a homemade slat wall and were limited on our testing ability.

If you don’t already use Proslat Slatwall in your garage, you may want to look into another bike storage option, but if you do use Slatwall, the Proslat 13028 Vertical Bike Hook (which includes two hooks) is a sturdy bike hook and an incredible value.

Flow Wall Vertical Bike Hook

Product Image - Flow Wall Vertical Bike Hook

Flow Wall Vertical Bike Hook

The Flow Wall Vertical Bike Hook is a simple and sturdy single bike hook in the same vein as the Dirza and the Proslat hooks. The Flow Wall is built out of powder-coated steel, with rubber coating on the hook and base to prevent slipping or damage done to your bike. The hook will hold up to 35 pounds, making it one of the weaker bike racks we compared, but still strong enough to hold the average day-to-day bicycle. In our usage, the Flow Wall was as simple to use as the other single hook units and never had any issues with the load we put on it.

Similar to the Proslat, the Flow Wall bike hook is built to be compatible with the company’s proprietary wall panels -- called Flow Wall panels. If you’re already using Flow Wall panels in your garage, the Flow Wall bike hook is a well-built bike storage unit that may be exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re not, the Dirza hook holds more weight and is around half the price.

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