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  • About the Cartman 39-piece tool set

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  • Magnetic tip screwdriver

  • Sturdy, well-organized case

  • Price


  • Boxcutter doesn’t lock

  • Scissors are flimsy

About the Cartman 39-piece tool set

Household tools including a hammer, pliers, and a wrench are arranged on a surface.
Credit: Cartman

Most of the tools in this 39-set kit are of decent quality.

This tool kit includes:

  • 10-foot tape measure
  • 8-ounce claw hammer
  • 6-inch slip joint pliers
  • 8-inch scissors
  • Utility box cutter/snap-off knife
  • Magnetic screwdriver with 20 bits
  • 4 precision screwdrivers
  • 8 Allen wrenches

What we like

A closed Cartman tool kit.
Credit: Cartman

This tool kit box is easy to close.

The magnetic screwdriver supports multiple bits

The gem of this kit is the magnetic screwdriver with 20 interchangeable tips. It includes everything from Phillips heads to flatheads to star drives to square drives to hex drives.

I was able to drive quite a few screws of different sizes with this screwdriver, and there is no sign of the bits stripping—in fact, they are hard enough that they stripped the heads of some cheap screws I had.

Most of the tools are decent quality

The kit also includes a serviceable pair of pliers, an 8-piece Allen wrench set, a decent 10-foot tape measure, and four precision screwdrivers, perfect for the screws on glasses or toys.

The 8-ounce claw hammer feels solid in the hand, and while you wouldn’t want to hammer 3-inch framing nails or install a new roof with it, it’s got more than enough weight and control to hang picture frames.

The case feels sturdy and well-organized

The hard plastic case has a tight-fitting, but usable, slot for each and every tool. And unlike some other cases I can think of—here’s looking at you, every power tool combo case ever—it’s easy and intuitive to see exactly how each tool goes back in.

There’s no reason that this case should ever get disorganized or be difficult to close, which is my personal pet-peeve with tool kits.

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What we don’t like

Household tools arranged inside a tool kit.
Credit: Cartman

Do you need a quick stash of basic tools?

The box cutter doesn’t lock

The included box cutter doesn’t lock, and quite frankly, it’s dangerous. I cannot get the one in this kit to reliably lock open or closed. Every time I’ve used it, the blade pulls open, threatening to slip or snap and potentially cut me.

I’ve opened the case multiple times to find the blade sticking halfway out of the handle. This isn’t a tool that I’m at all comfortable using, and if it were my kit, I already would have thrown it away.

I did not see any reviews of users with the same issue, so mine may simply be a lemon.

The scissors are flimsy

The other problematic tool is the scissors. They arrived sharp enough to cut through heavy cardboard. However, the plastic in the handles flexes with every cut. It won’t be long before the handles snap. Though I’m not going to break them myself, I have no doubt that I could snap them by hand with very little effort. They aren’t going to stand up to much more than cutting normal paper.

What owners are saying

Household tools including a hammer, pliers, and a wrench are arranged on a surface.
Credit: Cartman

The tool kit includes a claw hammer, slip joint pliers, and scissors, among other household tools.

Owners of the Cartman 39-piece tool kit have given it a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, with over 23,500 reviews. They describe it as a solid apartment-sized toolbox for people who just need a small tool kit for light work. Most users agree that this is a great value for the money. Some users have reported that the latches on the case have broken quickly, and that the tool kit arrived with missing or damaged tools.

Should you buy the Cartman 39-piece tool kit?

Yes, for anyone who needs a quick stash of basic tools

If you need some basic tools around the house for hanging picture frames, assembling furniture, or fixing little odds and ends, then this is a great tool kit at a fantastic value.

Most of the tools are durable enough for light-duty work, and the convenient storage case will keep your tool collection organized and contained so you can find what you’re looking for when you need it. If you’re looking for a starter tool kit with a little more oomph, check out Cartman’s 148-piece tool kit, which is our best value pick of the best starter tool kits we’ve ever tested.

While this isn’t going to be a good tool kit option for anyone with heavy-duty work needs, most people will be hard pressed to find a more versatile kit for a better value.

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