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  • Ample power for thin cuts

  • Ease of use

  • Versatility


  • Shallow depth of cut

  • Power dropoff over time

This small, lightweight saw packs a lot of power with a lot of control.

Compact saws are meant for projects for which a circular saw or reciprocating saw are overkill. I used the Ultra-Saw best while building expansions for my garden trellises, which are made from wood strapping ¾-inch thick—the max cut depth for this saw. The included wood blade chewed right through them, leaving clean, straight cuts behind.

For longer cuts, the Dremel Ultra-Saw comes with an edge guide that keeps the saw a consistent distance from the edge of your work piece. However, I didn’t find cutting to a line without the guide to be difficult— the blade has great visibility, and it is easy to track by hand for all but the most precise cuts. The saw also has built-in dust collection that can hook up to your shop vac, keeping mess to a minimum. All in all, this is a solid little saw, perfect for the right size jobs.

About the Dremel US20V Ultra-Saw

Power supply: 2-Ah Lithium-ion Battery
Voltage: 20V
Speed: 15,000 RPM
Max Depth: ¾-inch cut depth
Blade size: 4-inch diameter
Weight: 5.9 pounds

What we like

Credit: Dremel

Expect plenty of power with this lightweight saw.

It boasts ample cutting power for thin materials

With a full charge, the Dremel Ultra-Saw cut everything that I put in front of it during my testing run, from soft pine to maple, mahogany, and oak to aluminium and iron pipe. Cuts are clean and smooth, and the blade rarely bound up. The saw can even cut through materials deeper than the cut depth without stuttering, allowing it to cut materials 1.5 inches thick by flipping the piece over.

It offers great ease of handling

The Ultra-Saw is lightweight and easy to control. A second handle gives even more control at awkward angles, but the saw is small enough to use with one hand, too. The included edge guide makes long, straight cuts easier, but because of the great visibility the saw offers, it is easy to make freehand straight cuts. For small projects, this is much easier to control than an oversized circular saw.

Versatility of blades for two positions

The Dremel US20V comes with three blades—one for wood, one for metal, and one for tile. However, there are numerous other blades available to give this tool even more versatility. In addition to the standard line of straight-cut blades, Dremel offers another line of flush-cut blades, perfect for cutting right up to the edge of a wall, for example. The Dremel Ultra-Saw also accepts abrasive surface prep wheels, so it can clean up concrete, masonry, or walls before tiling.

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What we don’t like

Credit: Dremel

The Dremel US20V Ultra-Saw is easy to use.

The cut depth is very shallow

The only true flaw in this saw is the ¾-inch cut depth. This is just too shallow for most of my work, to the point that it was difficult to actually find a project to test this saw on.

While it’s easy enough to flip larger work pieces over to cut from the top and the bottom, this is both time consuming and doesn’t finish with a clean cut. If most of your work is with pieces that are less than ¾ inches, then this won’t be a problem for you, but it certainly does limit the useful applications for this tool.

There is a noticeable power drop off as the battery drains

The battery life overall is fine—I was able to build all the trellises for my garden on one charge. However, as I used it more, there was a noticeable drop in power as the battery started to drain. The power drop wasn’t significant when cutting easy materials like pine, but if I switched to harder wood or metal, I could both hear and feel it. There came a point where it simply wouldn’t power through metal, though it would still cut softwood.


Dremel offers a 24-month guarantee, or 12-month warranty for commercial and professional applications, that provides for the correction of deficiencies to the tool at no charge, if it can be “verified to the satisfaction of the Dremel service center that the deficiencies were caused by a material or manufacturing fault within the guarantee period.”

Dremel will either repair or replace the tool if it is found to have any covered defects.

What owners are saying

Credit: Dremel

The Dremel US20V Ultra-Saw is perfect for small projects.

Owners of Dremel’s US20V Ultra-Saw give the tool a 4.2-star rating on Amazon out of 39 total reviews. They cite the power for the size, ease of use, and the battery charge as major benefits of the tool. Most users do point out that the size is a limiting factor, and a few users are not impressed with the balance, handling, or price of the product.

Should you buy the Dremel US20V Ultra-Saw?


This saw is ideal if you do a lot of cutting at ¾-inch or smaller. The Dremel US20V is much easier to use on this size product than a circular saw or reciprocating saw.

It’s smooth and easy to control, has a motor powerful enough to handle all kinds of cuts, and has a versatile lineup of blades. It’s a high quality tool with a specific use-case, and if more of my work was with thin wood or tile, then I would absolutely pick one up.

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