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10 things you need to conquer your health and fitness New Years resolutions

Prep for a new year, new you with great health and wellness products.

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There’s a reason we all make New Year’s Resolutions: The start of the year is the perfect time to take stock of how you’re feeling, and decide what changes you want to make.

Whether you feel a bit overweight, want to improve your diet, or just need a little more wholesome-goodness for your body, it's never a bad idea to set out for a more balanced life.

With 2017 just around the corner, there's no time like the present to begin your prep work. Set that goal—but make it realistic and fun. Here are ten things you will need to conquer your health and fitness goals this year—and make that 5AM run a little easier.

S'well Water Bottle

Swell Water Bottles multiple colors
Credit: Swell Water Bottles

Drinking more water is essential to a healthy body. The S'well water bottle comes in super cute colors and designs, so you can treat it like an accessory and take it everywhere you go.

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Healthy Turtle Chat App
Credit: Healthy Turtle

Needing a bit of accountability? Try text-based coaching. HealthyTurtle is a program provided by real life humans who text you throughout the day and double check that you're sticking to your game plan. It’s a science-backed diet and exercise coaching for anyone ages 18 to 69 with a smartphone and a scale. Sign us up!

Check out Healthy Turtle at

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

JBL Wireless Headphones
Credit: / Kyle Looney

It’s time to cut the cord—to your headphones, that is. If your goal is to take up running or any other individualized exercise, having a good set of headphones without any wires in the way can make all the difference.

Check out’s guide to the best wireless headphones for the gym, then listen to your music with ease and no tangled frustrations.

Buy J-Lab Epic Headphones for $49.99 on

Nike Free Shoes

Nike Free Shoes
Credit: Nike

Sure, you need a good set of shoes—but why can’t they look good, too? Nike Free’s are a great option for adding foot strength, and best of all, a pop of color to your look.

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Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine
Credit: Misfit

Track it all. The Misfit Shine is one of the most attractive ways to monitor not only your activity, but also your sleep. It connects directly with your smartphone, making it easier than ever to obsess over your progress.

Buy the Misfit Shine 2 on

Zella Workout Wear

Zella activewear
Credit: Nordstrom

Reward yourself for taking a health initiative by purchasing some new workout clothes. Athleisure is all the rage, so splurge on key pieces that will make you look and feel like a rock star at your next class.

Zella, Nordstrom's house brand, makes attractive clothes for working out or relaxing.

Get Zella workout wear at Notebook Notebook

Keep a notebook. This can be for tracking what you consume, remembering how many sets you did in your previous work out, and even act as a guideline for setting new challenges to obtain.

We like these high-quality, high-style notebooks from Whether you choose a cheeky or cheerful cover, keeping a fitness notebook could just be your secret weapon to success.

Buy notebooks at

Reusable Food Containers

If you're looking to make your diet and little more lean and green, food containers will be your savior.

Prep on Sundays and have meals for the entire week. Having healthy options will make it much easier to avoid junk foods and dining out—and it'll be easier on your wallet, too!

We like this popular set from Rubbermaid. It comes with over 42 containers and snug-fit lids, and you can put them in the microwave, freezer, or dishwasher. Now that's easy.

Breville Boss Blender

Breville Boss Blender
Credit: / Kyle Looney

Start your morning with a healthy smoothie! tested all the top blenders on the market and liked this one the best. The Breville Boss blender makes quick work of kale, with a separate one-touch setting for green smoothies. Easy to use and clean, we liked this Breville better than models from Vitamix.

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Lily Farm Fresh Skincare

Lily Farm Fresh Skincare
Credit: Lily Farm Fresh Skincare

Again, if avoiding toxins and giving back to your body is what your 2017 is all about, look into natural skin care products. Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is the only cosmetics company that’s both USDA-certified and organic. It’s the freshest product your face and skin can get.

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