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12 brilliant products on Amazon for people who hate mornings

Waking up doesn't have to be so hard.

Morning Credit: Keurig/Philips

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I just don't understand morning people. How are you so peppy? How are you so energetic? How are you already fully dressed and heading out for a run while I'm still in bed wondering whether it would be acceptable to cancel all my responsibilities?

Me and mornings have never gotten along (please do not talk to me within an hour of waking up). But unfortunately, 6 a.m. wake-up calls are my reality as a working, somewhat functional adult. If you're also team "five more minutes," here are 12 products on Amazon that will make your mornings a little bit less terrible and a little bit more bearable.

1. This multipurpose coffeemaker our experts love

Credit: Reviewed.com/Betsey Goldwasser

But first, coffee.

Reviews: 1,706
Rating: 4.4 stars

Caffeine is a must to get you going—but which coffeemaker is going to give you the best cup of joe? After testing a variety of models, our experts found that the Keurig K-Café was the best single-serve pod coffeemaker because it not only brews regular coffee in seconds but it can also make frothy espressos. Both are reasons to get up in the morning.

Get the Keurig K-Café from Amazon for $159.99

Credit: Philips

Ahh, so soothing.

Reviews: 4,439
Rating: 4 stars

Nothing makes your morning better than temporarily blinding yourself with the overly-bright bathroom light as you stumble in to brush your teeth (sarcasm intended). Instead, ease yourself into the day with this Philips Wake-Up Light which imitates the less blinding, natural light of a sunrise. It has thousands of glowing (no pun intended) reviews for its adjustable brightness and the fact that it has an alarm clock feature, too. Some of my coworkers swear by it for early mornings, too.

Get the Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock from Amazon for $107.56

3. The loudest alarm clock you can find

Sonic Bomb
Credit: Sonic Alert

Snooze isn't an option here.

Reviews: 7,127
Rating: 4.3 stars

On the other side of the sleeping spectrum, if you're a heavy sleeper, your phone's soft alarm clock app probably isn't going to cut it. Enter the Sonic Bomb, which not only blasts a 113db alarm but also shakes your bed and flashes lights. The 5,000+ people who have given it a 5-star review say it truly is game-changing and the snooze button will be a thing of the past,

Get the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock from Amazon for $33.02

4. This speaker for a shower karaoke session

Credit: VicTsing

Nothing gets you going like an a.m. sing-along.

Reviews: 3,157
Rating: 4.3 stars

Congratulations! You dragged yourself into the shower. And while that alone will hopefully wake you up, the perfect playlist will make it more enjoyable. Blast some feel-good tunes with this waterproof shower speaker, which customers love for its long battery life and good quality sound. It suctions right to your shower wall and pairs to your phone via Bluetooth.

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Get the VicTsing Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker from Amazon for $17.99

5. This loungewear you can wear to work

Credit: Bamans

Give new meaning to "comfy-chic."

Reviews: 1,160
Rating: 4 stars

They look like work pants, but feel like yoga pants. This brilliant pair from Bamans has hundreds of five-star reviews for a good reason—fans say they're super comfortable and good quality (a.k.a. not see-through) and fit true to size. Plus, you can wear them from home to the office to the gym. And if you really want to save time in the morning, you could even sleep in them.

Get Bamans Work Skinny Pants from Amazon for $15.99

6. The best personal blender

Credit: Reviewed.com/Jackson Ruckar

Never skip breakfast again.

Reviews: 839
Rating: 4.6 stars

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but you probably only have about two minutes before you have to race out the door. In that case, use our experts' favorite personal blender—the Ninja Fit—to take a healthy smoothie with you. Not too big, not too small, it's the perfectly portable size to carry around and has just the right amount of blending power. Plus, because the base doubles as a cup, you'll have fewer dishes to wash too.

Get the Ninja Fit from Amazon for $44.99

7. This energizing face and body cleanser

Jack Black
Credit: Jack Black

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Reviews: 568
Rating: 4.3 stars

Non-morning people know that you can use all the help you get when it comes to waking up. Like this energizing body wash from Jack Black, which contains invigorating scents like rosemary, eucalyptus, and juniper berry. Reviewers like that it leaves them feeling clean and refreshed and a little more alive after showering.

Get the Jack Black Turbo Wash from Amazon for $10

8. This gadget so you always know where your keys are

Tile Mate
Credit: Tile Mate

Keep tabs on your keys 24/7.

Reviews: 1,314
Rating: 4.2 stars

I'll never understand how my keys go missing so often—but with the Tile Mate, I won't ever have to. The Bluetooth tracker clips right to your key ring, so when you're rushing around in a panic, you can use your phone to find your keys faster. There's a reason it's a top item finder and users praise it for being easy to use while giving them peace of mind.

Get a 4-pack of Tile Mates from Amazon for $59.72

9. Our favorite dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo
Credit: Reviewed.com/Jackson Ruckar

No bad hair days.

Reviews: 1,085
Rating: 3.5 stars

Getting up in time to get to work is hard enough. Getting up in time to shower, too? Basically impossible. That's when you'll need a bottle of our favorite dry shampoo. It has that signature Dove scent and leaves your hair feeling rejuvenated without leaving residue or that dreaded chalky buildup.

Get the Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo (3-Pack from Amazon for $25.99

10. These containers so your lunch is ready to go

Meal Prep
Credit: Prep Naturals

Lunch, solved.

Reviews: 1,951
Rating: 4.3 stars

The last thing you want to do is add more things to your morning routine—like packing a lunch. But you also don't want to (or shouldn't) buy Chipotle every single day. Instead, make all your lunches on Sunday with these meal prep containers so you can just grab and go, and save some money while you're at it. They also come highly recommended from Reviewed's kitchen and cooking writer Valerie.

Get the Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers from Amazon for $25.99

La Pure
Credit: La Pure

Put your best face forward.

Reviews: 1,271
Rating: 4.3 stars

Just because you feel tired doesn't mean you have to look tired. These La Pure patches have a cult following online with over 1,000 positive reviews. Thanks to ingredients like collagen and hyaluronic acid, happy reviewers say they noticed a difference in their dark circles and under-eye puffiness right away.

Get the La Pure Eye Treatment Masks from Amazon for $20.97

12. This silk pillowcase to prevent bedhead

Alaska Bear
Credit: Alaska Bear

The pillowcase comes in a variety of prints and colors.

Reviews: 5,419
Rating: 4.16 stars

One of the biggest time suckers in the morning? Styling your hair. But if you use this silk pillowcase, you could potentially avoid all of that—meaning you can sleep in extra 30 minutes or so. Over 5,000 people love it not just because it's breathable and comfortable for sleeping, but because silk claims to help prevent wrinkles and frizzy, messy hair when you wake up.

Get the Alaska Bear Natural Pillowcase from Amazon for $25.99

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