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15 top-rated floor lamps that will light up the whole room

A good floor lamp is more than just a light source

15 top-rated floor lamps that will light up the room Credit: George Nelson / Andover Mills

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A good floor lamp can make all the difference in a room. It provides light and ambience, but it can also help tie the room together while serving as a nice accent piece.

The most important consideration is what type of lighting you want. For instance, torch lighting (which tends to be flame-based) provides a different look than directional lighting (which is essentially spotlighting). Or if your home is full of smart lighting, you might want a lamp that’s compatible with popular smart bulbs for uniformity and interoperability.

Beyond functionality, style is important. A floor lamp is a piece of furniture and should match a room’s aesthetic while also elevating the rest of your decor.

To help you find the ideal floor lamp, we found some of the top selling floor lamps from some of our favorite retailers, like Lumens, Target, and Wayfair. Here are some of the highest rated lamps you can buy today.

1. This industrial floor lamp that’s as gorgeous as it is functional

Z bar 2
Credit: Koncept

This moveable light is perfectly suited for nearly any area in your home.

Lumens’ Z-Bar Gen 3 Floor Lamp is one of the more flexible and adaptable lamps out there. The minimalist design means it’s unobtrusive and understated, so it’ll fit in almost any room. Additionally, the actual lamp itself can be put into different positions to fit your space and even match a specific use, like lowering it for a nice reading light and raising it for directional lighting.

This lamp also has both warm and cool lighting options, but reviews indicate that even the warm version still seems very cool overall. That’s worth keeping in mind if you generally prefer a warmer light.

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Get the Z-Bar Gen 3 Floor Lamp from Lumens for $379.80

2. This floor lamp that comes with its own shelves

Shelf lamp
Credit: Threshold

A lamp that comes with built-in shelves? Sold.

Multipurpose furniture is crucial if you live in a smaller space, and the Shelf Floor Lamp from Threshold fits that criteria quite nicely. The lamp has two shelves in a compact frame so it can serve as an end table next to a couch or chair while providing plenty of light.

This model is pretty popular and well regarded as a good value with an elegant design. Some reviewers have pointed out that the switch can be hard to reach, and the shade doesn’t always sit squarely on its base.

Get the Shelf Floor Lamp - Threshold from Target for $50.34

3. This cult-favorite floor lamp from Amazon

360 lighting
Credit: 360 Lighting

The antique style of this lamp makes it fit in nearly any living room.

Certain styles are timeless, which is the case with this brass floor lamp. The design itself is understated but elegant, making it a good accent piece without outshining other decor.

As with the Z-Bar, the Dawson Modern Pharmacy Floor lamp is flexible and adjustable. Changing the height can help localize light or illuminate a wider area depending on your needs. This is a good case of fashion, function, and flexibility all in one lamp, which is probably why it has a cult following on Amazon.

Get the Dawson Modern Pharmacy Floor Lamp from Amazon for $54.99

4. This highly rated floor lamp from Nelson

Nelson standing light
Credit: George Nelson

This reviewer-favorite lamp from George Nelson looks great in any space.

This lamp manages to be minimalist without being bare bones. While the actual stand is a slim rod, the cylindrical shade makes the Nelson Cigar Lotus Floor Lamp stand out so it can feel like a unique part of a room’s decor even when the light is off.

While some reviews indicate small construction hitches like a wobble near the base, most of the comments are overwhelmingly positive. The most consistent feedback is how bright the lamp shines and how it looks like a piece of art more than a piece of furniture.

Get the Nelson Cigar Lotus Floor Lamp from YLighting for $595

5. This intricate steampunk floor lamp

Williston Forge lamp
Credit: Williston Forge

This industrial floor lamp looks like it belongs in Benjamin Franklin’s study.

If your decor skews darker or you generally love industrial chic, the Carlisle Floor Lamp may be up your alley. The lamp is made entirely of metal, so the build is nice and sturdy; there are no concerns about wobbling here.

The design is the real star, but reviewers also love that it’s adjustable and has solid directed light. While it might not illuminate an entire room, it can be a good piece and work as a supplementary lamp.

Get the Carlisle Floor Lamp from Wayfair for $95.99

6. This super bright, adjustable floor lamp

Credit: Brightech

This adjustable torch lamp can illuminate different areas based on the angle.

This doesn’t look like a lamp as much as it does a disc sitting on a pole, but it’s actually a lamp that’s great for replacing overhead lights or as a substitute for a sconce. The LED light is directed upward and emanates out so it covers a large area.

Reviewers note that the Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp is a little short, so taller people could end up looking directly at the LED light from certain angles. So this might be the rare instance where you have to compare your height to the lamp in order to see if it’d be a good fit. Otherwise, you might hurt your eyes by accidentally looking directly at the light. But with more than 5,200 5-star reviews, it’s hard to argue with this lamp’s popularity.

Get the Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp from Amazon for $69.99

7. This floor lamp that has three shades

Hampton bay
Credit: Hampton Bay

This three-bulbed floor lamp would make a great addition to a reading nook.

The Hampton Bay 3-Arc Floor Lamp differentiates itself from torch lamps by having three lights hang down rather than point upward. The lamp emits tons of light, and the simple shades work well to compliment the design while still making the light comfortable.

It should be noted that the lights hang down from a wire instead of a metal base or chain. This can make the lamp feel a little fragile and causes the lights to swing, but if you’re going for a more unique vibe, that could accentuate your living area.

Get the Hampton Bay 3-Arc Floor Lamp from Home Depot for $119.97

8. This floor lamp with adjustable arms

Credit: Adesso

The adjustable arms on this lamp make it a great fit for unique spaces.

The Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Floor Lamp is similar to the Hampton Bay 3-Arc Floor Lamp with some key differences. Mostly notably, the Adesso version is more adjustable and allows users to put the lights far apart to cover a wide area or tight together to minimize the amount of space being used.

However, assembling is a little difficult according to many reviewers, so you might not be able to enjoy the flexibility without putting in some elbow grease first. Also the Adesso lamp uses hanging wires just like the Hampton Bay lamp, so be careful not to move it too much.

Get the Adesso 4238-26 Trinity Arc Floor Lamp from Amazon $141.14

9. This floor lamp that’s basically built for your reading chair

Robert Abbey
Credit: Robert Abbey

This floor lamp comes with a curved base, making it great for sliding under furniture.

For the Koleman Task Floor Lamp, Robert Abbey combined the functionality of a task lamp with the height of a floor lamp without increasing its overall footprint. The brilliance in the design is in the base, which is angled so it can sit below a chair or couch. As a result, it’s a perfect reading lamp.

The main drawback is that this is very much a task lamp. The lighting is very direct, so this likely won't be the main light source for an entire room. But as an elegant reading lamp? It makes a great choice.

Get the Koleman Task Floor Lamp from YLighting for $374.90

10. This amazing floor lamp that looks like a lightsaber

Lightsaber light
Credit: Pablo Pardo

This unique floor lamp could double as a standalone living room decoration.

The Elise Floor Lamp has the contemporary simplicity you’d expect from a Pablo Designs lamp. The metallic base goes up into a tube of light; it almost looks like an artistic interpretation of a lightsaber.

Unlike most lamps on this list, it’s not adjustable or flexible. However, it comes in a variety of heights so you can find one that’ll work best for your space even if you don’t have high ceilings. Lightsaber noises not included.

Get the Elise Floor Lamp from Lumens starting at $310

11. This floor lamp from IKEA that costs less than $15

IKEA light
Credit: Holmö

We Stan a floor lamp you can get under $15.

Ikea’s Holmö Floor Lamp has a similar design idea to the Pablo Designs’ Elise Floor Lamp, even if the overall construction is entirely different. Instead of a solid tube of light, this one has a tall shade to over a bulb.

Of course, the shade is very delicate so this lamp works best if it’s out of the way. A single tear could ruin the effect of the lamp as a whole. But it’s hard to beat the value of this $13 floor lamp.

Get the Holmö Floor Lamp from Ikea for $12.99

12. This shelved floor lamp with an angled base

Credit: Mainstays

Walmart’s brass floor lamp makes a great addition to small rooms that need extra storage.

The Mainstays Etagere Floor Lamp is another multipurpose piece that can replace some shelves or an end table. For the light itself, there’s a 3-way rotary switch to control brightness levels.

It is worth bearing in mind that the shelves on this one don’t have much of a storage capacity and are meant for small decorations more than anything. Only put lightweight decorations on these shelves so you don’t break the lamp.

Get the Mainstays Etagere Floor Lamp from Walmart for $29.94

13. This three-head floor lamp with adjustable lights

JAlexander lamp
Credit: JAlexander

Nordstrom is one of our favorite places to shop, so it’s no surprise they carry this amazing lamp.

This is another lamp that goes for industrial chic with a contemporary twist. As a result, the lamp feels elegant and clean, without feeling like it’s overly bare or simple.

The shades for each light are almost transparent, meaning a lot of light escapes at once. If you choose this lamp, consider buying dimmer bulbs, or even smart bulbs so you can better control the brightness.

Get the JAlexander Ribbed Glass 3-Head Floor Lamp from Nordstrom for $199.99

14. This curvy lamp with loads of personality

Andover Mills
Credit: Andover Mills

This lamp looks like the Pixar lamp.

While most lamps have a simple vertical body, the Palen Arched Floor Lamp is a little different. The body is almost an S with a shade at the end of the top arch, making it great for direct lighting.

Beyond the unique shape, the Palen Arched Floor Lamp has a simple body of black metal. It’s also thin so you don’t have to dedicate that much space for the lamp. It has nearly 1,000 5-star reviews on Wayfair, with reviewers noting that it’s perfect as a reading lamp.

Get the Palen Arched Floor Lamp from Wayfair for $87.99

15. This affordable lamp perfect for small spaces

Room Essentials lamp
Credit: Room Essentials

This lamp is perfect as a reading light and display light.

This lamp isn’t perfect in its construction. The base wobbles a fair bit and the plastic lamp shade doesn’t always stay center. However, those are minor complaints considering the overall value and functionality—and the fact that it costs little more than $12.

The Room Essentials Torchiere with Task Light Floor Lamp works well in smaller spaces because of its limited footprint and the fact that it has two lights. The task light itself can even double as a directional light when you don’t need it for a specific task. It has nearly 1,500 ratings at Target, with reviewers settling on a sturdy 4.2 stars, agreeing that it’s affordable and attractive, but not the highest quality lamp in their possession.

Get the Room Essentials Torchiere with Task Light Floor Lamp from Target for $12.99

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