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13 amazing home furnishings you can buy at Anthropologie

Elevate your home with gorgeous décor.

Luxurious furnishings from Anthropologie Credit: Anthropologie

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Anthropologie has an incredible aesthetic—part global, part boho-chic, all luxurious. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to shop in the home décor department of one of its stores, you’ve probably felt like I do—you wish you could live there. Between the delicious smell of Capri Blue Volcano candles, the statement colors, and the sensuous textures of the fabrics, when you enter the store, it’s as if you’ve entered another world. Anthropologie’s online store does a good job of conveying that feeling, too, even without the tropical aroma. Why? Anthropologie is more than a retailer. It’s an aspirational way of life.

Nobody ever accused Anthropologie of being inexpensive. But its furnishings are so creative, so unique, so exotic, so downright perfect, that they get us thinking of ways to stretch our budgets so we can bring them home. Many of the company’s pieces are investments, that’s for sure. Still, not all of them are out of reach and even using one or two can transform a space. So, treat yourself. Here are some amazing Anthropologie furnishings to make your own.

1. A mirror that adds a vintage touch

Credit: Anthropologie

Mirrors are a decorating marvel—they make any room look larger by reflecting it. This one looks like you found it in a Paris flea market.

Embrace the vintage-inspired style of this substantial mirror, which can make a living room or bedroom look like a chic showcase. The jeweled frame looks amazing in gold. This piece adds charm to spaces and it’s versatile enough to mix with a variety of styles. The Primrose mirror finishes a room and visually doubles its size.

Get the Gleaming Primrose Mirror starting at $448

2. This feminine art-deco bed

Credit: Anthropologie

Be glamourous while you sleep. A lush, feminine bed can bring art deco style to your bedroom.

The art-deco style of this bed looks luxe in a modern or traditional bedroom, and the velvet upholstery adds lots of glam. The curved, channel-quilted headboard conveys femininity. Fall in love with the Marine color, which is right on trend for 2020.

Get the Feather Collection Bed starting at $2,498

3. A chair made from natural materials

Credit: Anthropologie

Visually light but sturdy, Pari chairs are ideal in a sunroom, living room, or pulled up to the dining room table. Buy these chairs in pairs and you'll definitely find room for them.

Natural materials are always desirable for their timelessness and durability. In this case, the rattan construction of the Pari chair is visually light, but the chair itself is sturdy. You might think that a chair like this is best used in a sunroom, but if you toss on a cozy throw and slip a rug underneath, it’s all set for the living room. The neutral color works with any color palette and you can pull a pair of these chairs in charcoal up to the dining room table.

Get the Pari Rattan Chair for $98

4. This plush, comfortable velvet chair

Credit: Anthropologie

Plump and plush with a slim profile, petite Elowen chairs dress up a room. Choose from seven colors. Why limit yourself to just one?

Almost any article about Anthropologie furniture will mention the plush velvet Elowen chair. A slim profile lets this chair fit well in smaller spaces and the plump filling makes it comfortable. Shiny brass handle on the back is an extra touch—it complements the brass legs. Elowen comes in seven colors and I’m voting for the navy because it’s both modern and classic.

Get the Velvet Elowen Chair for $398

5. Rugs that look like farmhouse finds

Credit: Anthropologie

These beautifully colored rugs are anything but pastel. Joanna Gaines designed them and they'll hold up to hard wear.

Even if you don’t do farmhouse décor, you’ll want these Ruby rugs, which Joanna Gaines designed with inspiration from traditional Turkish rugs. The Fixer Upper star lets you choose between vibrant blue and pink colorways, or you can bring both rugs into the same room. And these rugs are approved for high-traffic areas, so families with kids can enjoy them.

Get the Joanna Gaines for Anthropologie Ruby Rug starting at $298

6. A nightstand that’s both rustic and refined

Credit: Anthropologie

The brass hardware dresses up a little nightstand with a rustic finish. Its three drawers can hide bedroom clutter.

Want a piece that looks like you found it at a fancy flea market? The 28-inch washed wood nightstand/dresser has a distressed finish that makes it look rustic while its brass handles make it look refined. All in all, it’s a beautiful addition to the bedside or entryway, with three drawers to hide clutter.

Get the Washed Wood Nightstand for $398

7. Curtains to add flair to every window

Credit: Anthropologie

A room with curtains looks more welcoming. Let Cecilia curtain panels dress your windows and see what a difference they make.

Curtains make a big impression in a room, adding personality to a plain window. With an airy design that looks hand-printed, the colorful blush or jade Cecilia curtains bring a garden feel to any room. They don’t look too formal for a casual home and they’re easy to care for—you can machine wash and dry them. Anthropologie packages the panels individually, so you’ll need to buy two for each window.

Get a Cecilia Curtain starting at $68

8. A long couch with MCM appeal

Credit: Anthropologie

Tufted all over and boasting shiny brass legs, the Mina sofa elevates a mid-century modern living room.

If you’re all about mid-century modern design, a long sofa with squared-off arms will fit your aesthetic brilliantly. The all-over tufting and short, shiny brass legs give the Mina the high-end look you expect from Anthropologie. Whether you choose velvet, linen, or leather upholstery (all at different price points), when you add this sofa, your living room will have an unforgettable focal point.

Get the Mina Sofa starting at $1,898

9. A wall mural that only looks hand painted

Credit: Anthropologie

A colorful mural adds drama but most of us don't have the talent to paint one. Instead, get the Judarn mural. If you've hung wallpaper before, it's a DIY project.

An amazing wall mural that you don’t have to hand paint? Count me in. Part of the trend toward removable wall coverings, this digitally-printed piece comes ready to hang on high-quality paper. The large-scale Judarn mural ups the glam on an accent wall, emulating an antique tapestry. The colors are absolutely luscious. If you have some experience, you can hang this wallpaper yourself.

Get the Judarn Mural for $298

10. This shapely handmade table

Credit: Anthropologie

Handcrafted furniture will up the style quotient of any room. The Betania table is shapely and neutral, the right size for holding a drink.

Something handcrafted adds class to your space, so it can be worth the investment. Hourglass-shaped and the ideal size for a drink or a candle, the curvy Betania table makes a unique accent to a room. The finish is neutral and the piece is sealed with lacquer. You might want to make up a story about how you found this handmade table while vacationing on a tropical isle—your guests will certainly believe you.

Get the Betania Side Table for $248

11. The softest throw blanket around

Credit: Anthropologie

A throw should be the warmest, softest, coziest blanket in the house. Cuddle up in the Sophie throw blanket while you're watching TV or just hanging out in the living room.

Every home needs a collection of throw blankets. One for each member of the family is perfect. The Sophie may be the softest throw you can buy at Anthropologie or anywhere because one side is furry and the other is velvety. If you live anywhere with cold winters, I would call this blanket a must. All the colors are appealing, so you can’t go wrong whichever you choose. Plus, Anthropologie claims that this blanket is produced in an eco-friendly way, free of harmful chemicals, toxins, and irritants.

Get the Sophie Faux Fur Blanket for $98

12. A textured throw pillow

All_Roads-open-market pillow
Credit: Anthropologie

Texture is as important as color in a room. The All Roads Open Market throw pillows look custom made, with fringe, tassels, and metallic yarn.

Here’s a throw pillow to add to your couch. It’s practically a work of art, made of cotton, wool, acrylic, and metallic fibers. You will swear it was custom-made. If everything else in your living room is smooth, the All Roads pillow will bring the texture.

Get the All Roads Open Market pillow for $128

13. The bar cart that can go anywhere

Credit: Anthropologie

Every home needs a bar cart but don't just use it to serve drinks. In lucite, glass, and brass, the Oscarine adds sparkle to a room.

Okay, putting aside the price point for a moment, remember that the Oscarine bar cart is a showstopper, the reason you love the furnishings at Anthropologie. You can find cheaper bar carts at other stores, but this cart is exquisite, made of lucite, glass, and brass. The Art-deco style can add sparkle and gleam to a forgotten corner of any room. Use it as a nightstand, accent table, or coffee station—just don’t limit the Oscarine cart to bottle service and you’ll get your money’s worth out of it.

Get the Oscarine Lucite Bar Cart for $698

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