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I tried the cooling weighted blanket that celebrities are obsessed with—and it's amazing

My sleep will never be the same.

BlanQuil Credit: Blanquil/Reviewed

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"Try a weighted blanket," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. And maybe it would be—but as someone who wakes up soaked in sweat almost every morning, I can't imagine that adding 20 pounds of blanket would be anything but even more suffocating. (I'm starting to sweat just thinking about it...)

But then I started hearing about the cooling weighted blanket everyone is obsessed with. Now this is something I could get behind, I thought. After all, if it's good enough for the Kardashians, it's good enough for us regular humans, right? Curious and tired of being, well, tired (and sweaty), I decided to try the beloved BlanQuil Chill for myself.

What is the BlanQuil Chill cooling weighted blanket?

Besides being one of Kourtney Kardashian's favorite products, the BlanQuil Chill is a weighted blanket that claims to incorporate cooling technology so you don't get too hot. Made with eco-friendly glass beads, the BlanQuil Chill is available in both 15- and 20-pound weights. "Engineered to be around 10-15% of your body weight, BlanQuil provides an even amount of gentle pressure to help relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged - promoting improved sleep, mood, and relaxation," the product description reads.

But the BlanQuil Chill isn't just a regular weighted blanket—it's a cool weighted blanket (you're welcome, Mean Girls fans). According to BlanQuil's website, the cover of the blanket is made with a super breathable fabric that uses special technology to disperse your body heat. Bonus: That same cover is machine-washable so it's easy to zip off and clean.

What I love about the BlanQuil Chill

Credit: Reviewed/Amanda Tarlton

The silky BlanQuil texture feels great against your skin.

The first night I slept with my BlanQuil, I had no idea what to expect (I've never used a weighted blanket before) but I placed a change of clothes by the bed, heavily anticipating the soaked sheets I'd wake up to. Then I crawled in and pulled the 20-pound blanket over me. My initial reaction? Dang okay, this is comfortable as heck—I now 100 percent understand the obsession with weighted blankets. It's oddly comforting, like being hugged all over by a big cozy blanket (which I guess is exactly what it is).

As for the feel of the BlanQuil, it has a silky, textured cover that—just as the brand promises—is surprisingly cool to the touch. I also like that the blanket is fluffy and cushiony without being too much—it's the perfect balance of cozy yet breathable.

But perhaps my favorite thing about the BlanQuil Chill is that it really does help me get a better night's sleep. Maybe it's the placebo effect or maybe it's the actual benefits of a weighted blanket, I don't know. But regardless, I feel like I sleep deeper (without getting up during the night or tossing and turning) and wake up feeling much more well-rested than I did before my BlanQuil.

What I don't like about the BlanQuil Chill

There's only one minor inconvenience that I've experienced so far with my BlanQuil (and some of it is more from my own laziness than anything else). A few times in the middle of the night, my blanket has fallen off onto the floor due to the slippery cover. Then, when I wake up, I have to spend a few minutes evening out the weighted beads inside the blanket because they shift and gather at the bottom of the blanket. This is only annoying because it means I can't simply pick the blanket up and toss it back on my bed—I have to smooth out all the lumps so it's evenly weighted once again.

Is the BlanQuil Chill cooling weighted blanket worth buying?

Credit: BlanQuil

The BlanQuil comes in 4 different colors.

Asking me if the BlanQuil Chill is worth buying is like asking me if I like sleep—the answer to both is an enthusiastic yes. It's cooling and cozy at the same time, which is a combination I never knew I needed until I used this blanket. Plus, I truly believe I sleep better when I sleep with my BlanQuil because I don't move around as much and I fall asleep much faster. Also, if you haven't experienced the snuggly comfort that is being wrapped in a 20-pound, super soft cocoon, you need to. Take it from someone who's now a BlanQuil fangirl—it's pretty cool (sorry, I had to do it).

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